26 August 2008

dacks for me

Here's my new dacks (pants - usually applied to track pants, ie: trackie dacks), cat hair and all, that I made from the pure wool fabric I bought at the Waverley sale (as mentioned in the 'tired' post). I had to line them of course or else they'd just be way too itchy so I used some of the green toile type cotton fabric Ant bought for me a while ago and it works a treat. These pants are so warm, and I wear them a lot too.

So next is Ant's dacks. I started to cut out the pattern this morning (an old Vogue one), and it has 20 pattern pieces!!! I've never made men's pants before, it even has a piece called a 'crotch guard' - huh? Makes me think of Elizabethan times and I have to make a cod piece. Hmmmm the words "time and place" comes to mind.....


  1. Great daks! I'm too cowardly to sew in wool these days. I prefer stretch cottons but they probably aren't warm enough for Tassie.

    I think you are quite brave to make men's trousers and you can't beat a good cod piece. Every man should wear one.

    I'm inspired to show off my spring/ summer fabric. As soon as the quilts are made I can start making some clothes.

    Cheers, Ann.

  2. Great pants! I remember making Ram a pair of good trousers for his Grade 6 leavers dinner and that was bad enough. But you're a lot better sewer than I ever was ...

  3. The look great!

    I can just imagine you with all the pieces laid out... and going... this piece to that piece... and trying to envision how it goes together.

    You'll do fine. Just one step at a time. Listen to me... one who has not sewn any type of clothing for many many many years... (oh except maternity clothes 13 years ago).


  4. Oooh, nice work. Lining is a must for woollen pants, as red raw scratched legs are not very attractive.

  5. You've made me think of Blackadder. If I see someone around Launnie in a cod piece I'll know who he is!