15 October 2009

well, at least I'm being paid for it

My lack of blogging this past week or so is due to the fact that I've had work to do.
Seven large foam cushions to cover for Ant's work. The customer provided the fabric and boy, is it ugly. Sorry, but I'm really really not into the big apricot coloured flowers. In fact, apricot and I have never been friends - ever since it was the height of fashion in the 1980's. A friend's mother redecorated their lounge room in apricot, walls, carpet, curtains, lounge suite, wall unit..... you name it, apricot as far as the eye could see. Sitting in that room I felt cold and uninvited, the seats didn't say "sit on me and get cosy" and I'm sure the floors were saying "take your shoes off first!!". Or maybe that was my friend's Mum.

So after meeting Ant and being invited into his home what did I find? Yep, apricot walls.......

In fairness to Ant he didn't paint them, and he didn't discourage me from changing them to white, with the chimney in each room and feature colour. It's also interesting, or maybe ironic, that my favourite fruit is a juicy apricot. Go figure...

But I digress. I'm so glad I'm not a seamstress working in a factory, it would turn me off sewing I'm sure. The flame of my sewing imagination would be snuffed out before too long. But as I said, it's paid work and I can do it from home, thanks to The Thug and my MIL's overlocker (all the raw edges have to be finished before piecing).

Oh and here's a Dad and daughter shot, because I can -
In her pj's again (Bond's polar fleece grow-suit, brilliant!), having fun with her Dad on the freshly covered couch - which I failed to mention is grey cord, and definitely not apricot.....

02 October 2009

busy...... doing......

stuff like this...
I've finished reupholstering, well actually, re-covering the lounge suite and I must say that I'm/we're supremely happy with it. Because to be honest, the old covers (second photo) were pretty damn grotty and outdated.

So I've been free to do this -
I discovered that this girl didn't have much in the way of 00 clothes, so what a perfect excuse to make her some. We were in Seworld yesterday and discovered that they stock organic cotton jersey, and a nice range of them too. It was like a breath of fresh air compared to the fabric jungle that is Spotlight.

I already had the dark brown jersey with the spots, and thought it would look good teamed with another colour. The little pants are black, but only because they didn't have any dark-ish brown. The pattern is another from Ottobre, which I muffed up a little but it was a trial run anyway. But I really love these earthy tones on her so we'll keep it.
Tamsyn seems pleased with it too.