29 February 2008

correct weight

I uploaded the photo the other day but this is the first chance I've had to put some words with it, what with the end of month at work and all.

Basically I wanted to take a better photo of my cup hat before I pulled it apart and Miss Gertrude kindly offered to be my model also. Using left over fabric tacked and pinned into place, plus feathers and ribbons from previous cup concoctions, I was quite pleased with the results.

Now I have to start thinking about what I'll wear to next year's Cup!

27 February 2008

Cup Day happened in style

Sorry about the photo quality, I didn't take my camera for safety sake so this one is from Ant's camera phone (my camera phone was safely tucked away as I was pocket-less). As you can see we made a lovely matching pair and received lots of appreciative looks and comments, but no photo in the paper. Apparently you have to go dressed as a nun or the Village People or in a dress that leaves little to the imagination to have your photo in the paper.

The weather was perfect and the socialising pretty good and I actually managed to watch the cup (race #5 I think) run from start to finish. I was a good girl too and only had a couple of glasses of bubbly, didn't want to overdo it again like last year. We left shortly after the cup was run as Ant wanted to start building a new barge for the oyster lease - bigger and better than ever. We're going back down this weekend so he wants to have it finished in time. Just hope the weather's a bit more bearable compared to last weekend!
Here is our one and only apple off the McIntosh tree, grubs got into the rest early on. Apparently most people we know who have apple trees have had the same problem this year. Ours is only a young chap so we don't expect a lot either. It's funny but even though the McIntosh is the national apple of North America, no one here has really heard of it - the most exotic people get is Cox's Orange Pippin, which is still a very nice apple. The tree was recommended by the wonderfully talented Karen and Peter from Wychwood Nursery in Mole Creek, another place I haven't been to for some time - maybe this Autumn.....
I ordered this pattern the other day, I'd like to make it for the mother-in-law's Mothers Day present as she does a lot of reading in bed so I think she'd like it. Maybe a couple of other mum's would too (?). Great idea, and I love how it's got little pockets for things like reading glasses and pens.

24 February 2008

freaky february

This is just too weird, we're used to seeing this sight from about May to October as Mt Wellington always puts on a good display (this photo taken from North Hobart). February here usually drags along with continuous long warm dry days where I'm just itching for Autumn to kick in and a nice little chill in the air, Autumn is so beautiful in Tasmania (thanks to senrab4 for the photos).

We went to Bruny to work, and got a bit done on Saturday before the weather set in - howling gales and diagonal rain being literally thrown out of the heavens. There's only so much a person can endure so we snuggled up in the shack and left the island earlier on Sunday, in good time to see the snow display. When we got back to Launceston we were greeted by sunshine and a light breeze, typical....

Cup frock update: I've finished mine and have cut out Ant's waistcoat and started sewing. I still have to decorate my hat but that won't take very long, and I love doing this too. I wish millinery was still a common occupation, I'm sure I'd never tire of it!

21 February 2008

time to frock up

Launceston Cup is on Wednesday next week and I'm making over a previously worn dress. Actually it's the dress I wore to my first cup, I'd never been until I met Ant. It's such a great social outing for the locals, and I rarely see a race being run! February seems to be packed with events in these parts - Festivale, Symphony under the stars (which I still haven't been to!), Evandale Village Fair etc etc..

So yeah, I bit the bullet and attacked the dress. I haven't worn it since that first cup and I've also put on a few kilos (not too many thankfully) so what was a snug fitting dress is now just a bit too tight. I've removed the bodice and have replaced it with the fabric shown above, this means I can now wear a bra with it - one of those ones that loop around the back of the neck as my back will still be exposed. The old bodice had a plunging neckline which just isn't me so this way I might wear it more. I'm also inserting panels of this fabric in between the side seams to make it more roomier and comfy. I think I'll look all right. I had a fitting last night after attaching the new bodice and are very pleased with the results. I'm always extremely nervous when drafting a pattern from scratch, even when I've done a couple of drafts with muslin/calico.

There's enough fabric left over so I can make Ant a matching waistcoat. We've never gone matching before so this will be fun, might even get our photo in the paper this time!!

Back to Bruny this weekend though, but at least we have the loan of another barge (thank you Alice for your commiserations!) so we should be able to get a decent amount of work done. I've finally remembered to buy one of those solar camping showers to use at the campsite where we work - so nice!

18 February 2008

what I did on the weekend

Here we were back on Bruny Island trying to get more work done.

The tide went out and stayed out for most of the day due to a high pressure system, which makes the pulling of a wooden barge impossible.

As you can see we normally have two barges at our disposal.

One has gone AWOL....

The big one.

Apparently the bay experienced some nasty sou'easterlies last week which was enough to pull it from its mooring. Fortunately the small one wasn't attached to it like it was in this older photo so we still have something.

Ford bay, where our lease is, is at the bottom part of Great Bay and Adam's Bay is at the top. So we went for a drive around to there and ask if anyone had seen it. There are 4 leases crowded into Adam's Bay, with lots of signs of activity but not a soul in sight. We had a look around but couldn't see our little barge, amongst all the grand aluminium motorised barges and other flash oyster farming gizmos.

So now we have to make a new barge amongst the growing list of other to do's on the farm. But really, that's pretty much what farming is all about - think I'm used to it by now!

14 February 2008

valentines day is cool

As it's a leap year 'they say' (whoever 'they' are) that it's the girls who give Valentines to the boys. So this is the card I gave to Ant along with some new boxers (mainly because he needed them too). The paper cut pattern came from here and I glued it onto some red card stock from Spotlight. Inside I glued some more white paper to write on, that way it would be readable. Ant had a couple of lillium stems waiting for me on the breakfast table, and then another bigger bunch of lilliums arrived at work for me too - he's such a lovely man! I've had to walk them up to his work at lunchtime because I don't think they'd travel well on the bicycle ride home.

Gracie watched as I finished off this top -

to wear out tonight. By the way the Duplo was a spontaneous purchase on Ebay. Ant said he didn't mean to buy it, he placed a ridiculously low bid which won - only bidded because of the little scuba diver.

Anyways, I used the same pattern as the red top and attached the line of beads to the neckline. I found this string of beads at the local quilt/sewing shop and were exactly the right length - 'twas meant to be! The fabric was purchased through Ebay and was originally a flesh colour - not something I could wear but thought it could dye nicely, which it did. It's a stretchy lacey fabric and is probably intended for undergarments but I could see its potential, I just need to get a slinky black top to wear underneath so I don't show off my flabby bits - that would be bad.

08 February 2008

she said she wanted aqua

Here's Rosie's bag (crappy photo though I know). Very *her* especially with the frangipani's as this is her favourite flower. I made the straps adjustable and even found some aqua gingham for the lining. Let's wait and see what she thinks of it.

I never thought I'd find myself buying aqua cotton drill, and I even bought pink drill at the same time because I'm sure there will be times when pink drill is just what's required - almost scary in some ways.....

On the quilting scene I don't have a lot to report except that I have done a bit on the hexagon stars while watching telly of an evening. I'm itching to quilt though but are waiting on a text to say that the baby is born so I know what colours to use in it's quilt. Good friends are expecting their first any minute now (literally!) and I really want to make a quilt for them and it. At breakfast this morning Ant received a text and I automatically started to get excited, then disappointed when it was only one of his employees wanting to 'chuck a sickie', grrr.

Amazingly, I've only just discovered Gee's Bends quilts. I love the rough simplicity of them, reminds me of the Australian wagga quilts. This one in particular has really grabbed my attention and I'd like to try something similar for the baby quilt. Asymmetrical me is growing in strength!!

I've been smacked on the gob by Aurillia, which is so very kind of her!

In the words from "the original smoocheree":

So, the point (and I do have one) to this post is motivated by my desire to hand some of that love and kindness back around to those who have been so very, very, very good to me in this bloggy world. My hope is that those who receive this award will pass it on to those who have been very, very, very good to them as well. It's a big kiss, of the chaste platonic kind, from me to you with the underlying 'thanks' message implied. I really do appreciate your support and your friendship and yes, your comments. ... Mwah!

So here's the people I'd like to share the blogging love with -

Tales of the Travelling Teacosy*
Deck the Halls with Vows of Folly (sorry Mum, but you'll only have to pass it on once!)
Nanette (she's got a blog somewhere but I'm not sure of the title - bad me!)
Sipiweske Quilt Designs ('cause she welcomed me so nicely when I first became a blogger and she has lovely quilts)

So there you go. One day when I'm a grown up blogger I'd like to think that there'd be more. In the mean time I'll keep eating my greens and continue to endeavour.

04 February 2008

happy shrove tuesday

We only remembered because those crazy funsters on Triple J were trying to sell pancakes in the ABC foyer this morning - all in a good cause mind you. So pancakes for breakfast it was, with a good lashing of maple syrup. Lent starts tomorrow and Ant has suggested we give up alcohol (ugh!), but flexibility is also important and we're allowed wine on Friday and Sunday nights - a lot of wine I hope! No, seriously, I think it's about time I did something like this.

Skirt #6, hem pinned and ready to be hand stitched. I actually took this photo Monday morning and are pleased to say that the skirt is now finished. If you want to see what became of skirt #3 then have a look here. Now it's on to another APQ style bag, my friend Rosie is going to trial it for me as a back pack. I've already made one for myself and I love it but I need to get outside feedback, she's asked for aqua - quite a diversion for me but a good challenge. I'll keep you posted....