14 February 2008

valentines day is cool

As it's a leap year 'they say' (whoever 'they' are) that it's the girls who give Valentines to the boys. So this is the card I gave to Ant along with some new boxers (mainly because he needed them too). The paper cut pattern came from here and I glued it onto some red card stock from Spotlight. Inside I glued some more white paper to write on, that way it would be readable. Ant had a couple of lillium stems waiting for me on the breakfast table, and then another bigger bunch of lilliums arrived at work for me too - he's such a lovely man! I've had to walk them up to his work at lunchtime because I don't think they'd travel well on the bicycle ride home.

Gracie watched as I finished off this top -

to wear out tonight. By the way the Duplo was a spontaneous purchase on Ebay. Ant said he didn't mean to buy it, he placed a ridiculously low bid which won - only bidded because of the little scuba diver.

Anyways, I used the same pattern as the red top and attached the line of beads to the neckline. I found this string of beads at the local quilt/sewing shop and were exactly the right length - 'twas meant to be! The fabric was purchased through Ebay and was originally a flesh colour - not something I could wear but thought it could dye nicely, which it did. It's a stretchy lacey fabric and is probably intended for undergarments but I could see its potential, I just need to get a slinky black top to wear underneath so I don't show off my flabby bits - that would be bad.


  1. Ant is a wonderful guy!

    Gracie looks like she is trying to determine how to get the scuba diver. ;)

    You did a wonderful job on the top. You'll look great for your evening out!


  2. That's to bad about the top. Are you able to fix it so it's not so stretchy.

    Happy V'day to you too! I observe it... hubby doesn't. You have a good weekend too!


  3. Your flowers were gorgeous!!! Thank you so much for my Mwah!!
    Love the duplo ... haha...
    Cheers Nannette