27 February 2008

Cup Day happened in style

Sorry about the photo quality, I didn't take my camera for safety sake so this one is from Ant's camera phone (my camera phone was safely tucked away as I was pocket-less). As you can see we made a lovely matching pair and received lots of appreciative looks and comments, but no photo in the paper. Apparently you have to go dressed as a nun or the Village People or in a dress that leaves little to the imagination to have your photo in the paper.

The weather was perfect and the socialising pretty good and I actually managed to watch the cup (race #5 I think) run from start to finish. I was a good girl too and only had a couple of glasses of bubbly, didn't want to overdo it again like last year. We left shortly after the cup was run as Ant wanted to start building a new barge for the oyster lease - bigger and better than ever. We're going back down this weekend so he wants to have it finished in time. Just hope the weather's a bit more bearable compared to last weekend!
Here is our one and only apple off the McIntosh tree, grubs got into the rest early on. Apparently most people we know who have apple trees have had the same problem this year. Ours is only a young chap so we don't expect a lot either. It's funny but even though the McIntosh is the national apple of North America, no one here has really heard of it - the most exotic people get is Cox's Orange Pippin, which is still a very nice apple. The tree was recommended by the wonderfully talented Karen and Peter from Wychwood Nursery in Mole Creek, another place I haven't been to for some time - maybe this Autumn.....
I ordered this pattern the other day, I'd like to make it for the mother-in-law's Mothers Day present as she does a lot of reading in bed so I think she'd like it. Maybe a couple of other mum's would too (?). Great idea, and I love how it's got little pockets for things like reading glasses and pens.


  1. You both look smashing, dahling, absolutely smashing.

    Sounds like you had a lot of fun!

    So what are you going to do with your apple? It looks wonderful.

    I didn't know the Mac was a North American National apple? Imagine that. :D

    Still no sign of your barge... although I've been cooped up in the house, and haven't been near the water to see if I could see it.

    Ant is probably right, it probably wouldn't make it up here. *silly grin*, there is this really big island between my community and the open Pacific. hee hee

  2. Woohoo she's back!! Sounds like you're feeling a lot better too.

    Thanks for the frock compliment sweetie darling, it was a good day.

    And I've only been told that the McIntosh is the national apple - I could be wrong (wouldn't be a first!!) :D

  3. I am back... not feeling 100% but at least I'm back to quilting, and chatting with my quilting friends.

    Thank you for your "get well wishes"... I think they helped!

    I got a fair bit accomplished today... I think I'll blog about. hee hee. or.... nah, I think I'm done sewing tonight... need to piece one more backing together... blogging I gooooooooooooo.