14 April 2010

is it cheating?

I did an op-shop (opportunity shop/thrift etc etc...) hunt this time, and found this beauty for $4.99.  Yes it is handknitted, but in China, so I didn't feel too guilty about undoing the seams.

I wanted to make some footed, knitted pants for Tara's bub-to-be and knew I wouldn't knit them in time -
So I used a legging pattern from one of my Ottobre magazines and the sleeves from the jumper, cutting them long enough for me to sew the cuffs shut and make feet.  I didn't line them because they'll be worn over a growsuit, but did make a casing for the elastic waistband out of some light weight jersey rib so it wouldn't be too bulky.

I was really pleased with how these turned out, and couldn't wait till Tara's baby shower so gave them to her the other day.  She was pretty happy with them too. 

I'm still trying to come up with ideas for the body of the jumper...

Oh and the foot?  I had my six week follow up appointment with the surgeon on Monday.  He's happy with the way it's healed so no more daggy boot.  The challenge now is to get my walking fitness back, doggy is pleased.