28 March 2010

meanwhile, back at the sewing machine.....

My foot is letting me sit at the machine for a bit, which has cheered me up no end.
Tamsyn needs some new cooler weather pants so I made these from red cord with some Kokka (I think) print lining.  I've also cut out a pair in green cord at the same time, and are literally sewn up in a jiffy.  :)

I've also made some more bibs, using some of my stash of discontinued upholstery samples in linen/cotton blends and backed with an old bath towel I've cut up which makes them ultra absorbent for one spewy dribbly little girl.

Ant likes his black shirts, and this one was getting really ratty on the collar and cuffs.  So the other day I mentioned to him how I'd like to cover said collar and cuffs with some contrasting fabric.  He straight away grabbed my little stash of more groovy fabrics (with me hovering beside him telling him which fabrics were just too precious to cut up yet!) and pounced on this loud orange Prints Charming fabric.  I knew it would be best not to tackle this sort of thing on the machine, and I really enjoyed spending the afternoon and evening sewing these on by hand, while Tamsyn played or slept.  Too easy.

This is the Pod Swaddler, which I've made for Tamsyn's cousin who's due to enter the world in June.  Tara chose the fabric (Amy Butler) and I lined it with flannel.  I wish I'd known about these before Tamsyn was born, I probably would've made a couple for her.  At least I know what to make for future babies, and would be the perfect baby shower gift too.

12 March 2010

in my invalid state

I laid aside my knitting....

..... and picked up my hand quilting....
Some of you may remember this quilt, and I'm ashamed to say that it had been neglected for a looooong time.  But hey, I've done a truck load of other stuff in the mean time!  I may get this quilt done in time for Tamsyn's birthday which is in 2 months time, can you believe it?  My girl is nearly one year old!!!  (and not far from walking either....)

My foot is mending nicely.  I went back to the surgeon on Wednesday and he took the plaster 'splint' off the side of my foot, which was wonderful as the thing was really starting to annoy me.  Each day it's getting better and better, although I still have to wear that daggy boot and have to walk on the heal of my foot.

Have a great weekend everyone.

03 March 2010

no pain no gain

At least that's what I keep telling myself...

Thank you all so very much for your well wishes, it really means a lot to me.  Now I have to take it easy and mend, and accept the help of others (I hate being a burden!!).

I might even pick up the knitting needles tomorrow....