16 September 2011

Because I needed a break from knitting,

and before I became all knitted out.  I picked up the crochet hook and gave it a whirl (having only done granny squares in the past).  One little baby rattle later I felt enough confidence to tackle a full on teddy for the new nephew -

(yet another Drops design)

It's far from perfect but I'm sure little Hugh doesn't mind, especially as Angus tested it before posting to Canada and gave it the thumbs up.

Spurred on but not wanting to get too bored with only 'double crochet' ('single crochet' in America), and even though I love all the cool Amigarumi out there I felt the need for a bit of variety.  Hence the Queen Anne's Lace Scarf....
It's just enough of a pattern to make it interesting without being too difficult, and I've done enough repeats now to feel confident without the pattern sitting by my side.  That's a win:win situation in my books.  

And hey, who knows but I might make it back to regular blogging again.  Cripes!