23 May 2010

Tamsyn says "ta"

From the bottom of her dear little heart, she thanks you for all her birthday wishes.  Turning 1 really does seem to be a milestone, and in some ways is a great confidence boost.

This photo was actually taken in late October last year, so she wasn't even 6 months old.  I took it on the phone's camera, one of those spontaneous moments that you can't help but love.  I can almost hear her saying "Give me the phone Mum, I want to eat it".  That's my girl....

So a bag update is in order.  Agfest wasn't as successful as I'd hoped, but then I was never sure it was the right target market anyway.  I'm thinking of re-opening the Etsy shop, otherwise it's local weekend craft markets which is virtually impossible for me.  I currently have 2 bags for sale at Hilbarn's little shop, and if you're in (or likely to visit) northern Tasmania then I recommend a look see.
The shop is full of lovely vintage finds, and also some of Tara's beautiful cushions.  The bag on the left is using some more gorgeous Ink & Spindle Birch fabric and the other has Pippijoe's ever popular Nest fabric.

I really need to pull my finger out and sell sell sell!!!

11 May 2010


One year ago tonight this was the scene, a new Mum with her new baby girl.  We hadn't even decided on her name yet, and judging by my expression I was too exhausted to think about that right then.
But she couldn't be any name other than Tamsyn, and this first year of her existence has been filled with a whole lot of love, lessons and laughter.
Let the good times roll....

(the dress was made in time for her birthday, another pattern from Ottobre magazine)

08 May 2010

time to get out of this funk...

...before it swallows me up whole.... and before Tania tells me off again.... ;)

Things have been pretty mad around here and I just didn't feel that I was in the right frame of mind to blog about it.  I struggle enough with writers block as it is, although it's interesting that I find myself composing a lovely little blog post while sewing and as soon as I go near the computer it's gone.  Does this happen to anyone else?

So anyways, I made a prototype bag for myself a while ago.  Something that sits nicely in the basket of the pram and holds all my stuff without giving it a pot belly.  I was quite happy with it and decided to make some more to sell -

(thanks to Miss Gertrude for being my model)  I'm really loving these Ink & Spindle fabrics, and are so inspired by what these girls can do.  I may also make a satchel style as well, it just depends on how popular these are at Agfest - a friend has a stand there each year and kindly agreed to try and sell them for me.  Although I may be catering to the wrong clientele.  Only time will tell......