08 May 2010

time to get out of this funk...

...before it swallows me up whole.... and before Tania tells me off again.... ;)

Things have been pretty mad around here and I just didn't feel that I was in the right frame of mind to blog about it.  I struggle enough with writers block as it is, although it's interesting that I find myself composing a lovely little blog post while sewing and as soon as I go near the computer it's gone.  Does this happen to anyone else?

So anyways, I made a prototype bag for myself a while ago.  Something that sits nicely in the basket of the pram and holds all my stuff without giving it a pot belly.  I was quite happy with it and decided to make some more to sell -

(thanks to Miss Gertrude for being my model)  I'm really loving these Ink & Spindle fabrics, and are so inspired by what these girls can do.  I may also make a satchel style as well, it just depends on how popular these are at Agfest - a friend has a stand there each year and kindly agreed to try and sell them for me.  Although I may be catering to the wrong clientele.  Only time will tell......


  1. There's a blog post out there somewhere reaffirming that it's okay to blog whenever you feel like it. Once a day, once a week, once a month, whenever. I think your bags are fabulous and you know I love Ink & Spindle fabrics. Folks are always looking for a good sized bag that does the job. Cheers, ANn :-)

  2. Hey Jen just blog when you feel like it...my Daughter gave me some good advice once when I was worrying about the blog...she said just do it for you...and it seems to work that way!!! Cool bags...Happy MOther's Day to you, Dzintra♥x

  3. Your bags look great. They look perfect for carrying all the stuff we gather. Or for a day of fabric shopping.
    Just post whatever,whenever, we are all friends here.
    Happy Mother's Day!

  4. Oh Im the same, sometimes it just doesn't work and other days Im wirting three or four posts! Thats the beauty of the save button lol ! Your bags are fab, are they big enough for books ?

  5. Love those bags! Look like they are big enough to use for grocery shopping and such pretty fabric. Yes, I have the same problem with my blog. Wonderful sentences and descriptions run through my head and then when I sit down at the machine, I got nothin'. LOL. The solution? I just stopped thinking about it and now I write whatever comes into my head. Seems to work well enough. Try it!


  6. your bags are so gorgeous and such god quality, how did they go at Agfest?

  7. Hey! It was just a gentle nudge! I'm glad you did find your way to the 'puter though. Those bags are wonderful. Kid proof. How could they not sell?

  8. Well, if it makes you feel any better, on the days I have wanted to post a blog lately, my computer has refused to cooperate! I threatened it with the "hospital" last night, and it seems to be working all right at the moment; don't know what will happen when I turn it off!
    Nice bags; hope they do well for you. ---"Love"