23 December 2008

birthday books

I so totally scored this year. For some reason people think I like to cook and sew, and collect Cornishware (I'll take a photo of that lot soon-ish), it's nice when people actually listen. He he he...

Of all the books here I only requested one of them - Amy Butler's Little Stitches for Little Ones, and the only thing given to me that's baby related. Which is fair enough because it was my birthday, not juniors. I've been eyeing off this book for a while and it's gorgeous, so I might post some photos of it soon-ish as well.

The others there are Kaleidoscope of Quilts by Kaffe Fassett, sumptuous quilts and fabrics. Faking It by Valli Little, from delicious magazine (top mag that one!). Fresh + Fast by Michele Cranston, full of scrummy recipes that make me want to plant more vegies. Apples for Jam by Tessa Kiros, I've heard great reviews about this one so was deliciously surprised to receive it from one of my sisters. And Maggie's Harvest by Maggie Beer, another book I've been eyeing off but couldn't afford to buy - just the cover is worth getting it for (the pattern is actually embroidered on!!). Ant's Mum and Dad gave it to me, they knew how much I had wanted Stephanie Alexanders book The Cooks Companion which they gave to me last year and I must say no Australian kitchen should be without. I'm using her gingerbread recipe today even. So to receive Maggie's Harvest was a wonderful surprise as well.

If I can't sqeeze one more post in before Christmas then I wish everyone a wonderful time, with lots of food, drink and festive cheer. We're hoping it will be warm enough for us to go for a dip in a swimming hole up the Meander River near Quamby Bluff, it's been too cool the last few years so here's to keeping our fingers crossed!

18 December 2008

a fun day was had by all

Thank you lovely peoples for your birthday wishes, those thoughts plus the enjoyment we had on Sunday made my birthday something to treasure (actual birthday is the 16th). No, really, I mean it - I'll have to turn 40 more often. Like every year. For the next 20 years maybe. ;)

The cake above was one of Tara's concoctions (psst! go check her blog - she's having a giveaway!!). I can't remember what it's called but it was filled with so much decadence. She also made a black forest cake for the kids, with sugared rose petals on top. Renee wasn't to be outdone and made a sticky date pudding - one of my favourites, along with some chocolate choc chip mini muffins. And then of course Mum had to make a pav -
Which Tara tried to set on fire ..... while singing Happy Birthday.
The weather was terrible all the day before, and we even had to light a fire that night so things weren't overly promising. When we left town to head out to my parents (the party venue) it was spitting with rain. Oh well, we thought, there's plenty of veranda and a big front room to occupy as well. I'm sure we'll still enjoy ourselves.

Oh yea of little faith.

The day turned out to be a stunner, and the garden looked it's best.
Ant's niece Laura found the perfect swing.

The poppies were on their best behaviour.

The vistas begged to be explored,

and kept you wondering what was around the next bend.

This was also considered to be a practice run for Shannon's wedding at the end of 2010, I think it will work a treat.

12 December 2008

book review

I have to talk about this book, and besides, Shannon's not the only family member who can do reviews!

Naturally with your first pregnancy there's a lot happening with your body that you're just not sure whether it should or not. Successive pregnancies must be a doddle in comparison. After a few weeks of knowing I was pregnant I wanted to buy one of those books that can help guide you through the 9 months of this body and mind changing journey.

So off I trundle to my local bookstores, only to find that most of the books were about what to do with baby once it's born. They also had cutesy vomitty pictures of angelic little babies, yeah right.....

Then to my relief I spotted Up the Duff by Kaz Cooke. Kaz is a writer and cartoonist, this book came about as a result of her own first pregnancy and the lack of realistic books about it. Each chapter is based on each week of pregnancy, and also goes beyond to when baby arrives home. A lot of books stop at birth. The start of each chapter tells you 'what's going on' and then gives an excerpt from Hermoine's diary, which is loosely based on Kaz's own journal and is hilarious.

This is the beauty of this book, it always tells you that you can expect a certain thing to be happening but not to be worried if it doesn't straight away. The best example I can think of at the moment is when you first feel baby's movements, this is mentioned at Week 18 but also states that some women don't feel it till later. (this example is fresh in my mind because I've been feeling baby tickle me this week and hey, I am at 18 weeks!)

Since we've gone public with our baby news, so many friends have told me to get this book (more unsolicited advice, it's amazing the amount of things I HAVE to do or be because they say so). Thankfully I can smugly say that I already have it. Even my obstetrician says it's a great book, so there you go.

So before baby is born I need to get this book methinks -
And then I shall be complete.

To change the subject entirely, it's by birthday next week and I'm turning the big 4 - 0. We're having a garden party on Sunday arvo, weather permitting. Rain, rain and more rain has been forecast. Still, hopefully I'll have some pretty pictures of Mum's garden to post next week.

01 December 2008

finding one's niche

This was Tara's stand at Niche over the weekend. Niche was a St Giles initiative, which invited local artisans and craftspeople to have a Christmas market at the Architecture building in Inveresk. I was also invited to take part but I didn't have the energy and time to make enough stock. Next year......

Tara did quite well, selling some of her pincushions and purses. I purchased a kitty from The Purple Finch, which Tifa thought was expressly for her, I'd like to keep it for baby. I also finally met fellow blogger and creator of gorgeous kids stuff Suse, of Black Eyed Susie.

I finished the top. It's very comfy but tends to show how big my bazoomba's really are, and will only get bigger - yikes!
I'm lifting my head up so it doesn't show off the double chin I seem to be acquiring...

I do like how it has a tie at the back as well.Cheers.