01 December 2008

finding one's niche

This was Tara's stand at Niche over the weekend. Niche was a St Giles initiative, which invited local artisans and craftspeople to have a Christmas market at the Architecture building in Inveresk. I was also invited to take part but I didn't have the energy and time to make enough stock. Next year......

Tara did quite well, selling some of her pincushions and purses. I purchased a kitty from The Purple Finch, which Tifa thought was expressly for her, I'd like to keep it for baby. I also finally met fellow blogger and creator of gorgeous kids stuff Suse, of Black Eyed Susie.

I finished the top. It's very comfy but tends to show how big my bazoomba's really are, and will only get bigger - yikes!
I'm lifting my head up so it doesn't show off the double chin I seem to be acquiring...

I do like how it has a tie at the back as well.Cheers.


  1. The top looks great... and as for the bazoomba's... can't hardly tell.

    I shouldn't type when I'm tired... you don't know what I had up there.!

    You're looking, great, kiddo!


  2. Tara's stand has lots of goodies. I like these types of events - full of handmade, handcrafted items.

    Poor Tifa, she has to learn to share now. Your top looks just fine and it really suits you. Guess what? Most of us get bigger when we get pregnant. It's the way of the world. Rejoice in the burgeoning bounty of your body and the incredible life force developing inside.

    And there's nothing wrong with a good set of bodacious tatas! Just ask Ant.

    Cheers...Ann :)

  3. Thanks for coming over!!! Cool top, can't really notice them...but yes, they will get bigger!!! And, yes like Ann says it is all incredible...

  4. hi there..found your lovely blog via someone elses!! as it seems to happen..
    your site is lovely..and a another very talented aussie out there!!

    i scrolled down and saw the mags from japan..
    I am actually going to japan on boxing day to visit my son at uni over there..so if there is anything in particular you want/need would like me to get for you..(re the mags...my MUM will LOVE these mags herself.)..Plus shall be spending up at the cath kidston store in nagoya!!
    just let me know...
    take care with baby on board!! (that is a long ago memory for me!!)
    xx andrea

  5. Looking good Jen... I had a chuckle at the double chin comment...
    I have changed my pose to try and hide mine too... mwhahaha
    Shame I can hide my butt...
    Now if you want to pass on tose bazoombas I know someone that would love a better set...*whistles*... Ha ha ha

  6. I'm with you...I love the way Baz films also, especially Moulin Rouge and Romeo and Juliet and also Strictly Ballroom...if you do get to see Australia would love to know what you think...

  7. Hi there,
    I am glad that you like the kitty :, I have just made a bunny for Tara with this cool fabric which I had bought from Greece just have to pop it in the post for her
    cheers, Vee

  8. You look darn fine, stop worrying about it! You are growing a baby ... not double chins!!! And it will be worth it.

  9. Yeah! It's been a while since I stopped over . . . what surprises you've been keeping - Wow! Congratulations and I know you'll have a blast getting all ready for the new arrival. - Marlene

  10. Aw, gee, thanks, Jen.

    Love the top. I'm getting one of those extra chins too.