23 December 2008

birthday books

I so totally scored this year. For some reason people think I like to cook and sew, and collect Cornishware (I'll take a photo of that lot soon-ish), it's nice when people actually listen. He he he...

Of all the books here I only requested one of them - Amy Butler's Little Stitches for Little Ones, and the only thing given to me that's baby related. Which is fair enough because it was my birthday, not juniors. I've been eyeing off this book for a while and it's gorgeous, so I might post some photos of it soon-ish as well.

The others there are Kaleidoscope of Quilts by Kaffe Fassett, sumptuous quilts and fabrics. Faking It by Valli Little, from delicious magazine (top mag that one!). Fresh + Fast by Michele Cranston, full of scrummy recipes that make me want to plant more vegies. Apples for Jam by Tessa Kiros, I've heard great reviews about this one so was deliciously surprised to receive it from one of my sisters. And Maggie's Harvest by Maggie Beer, another book I've been eyeing off but couldn't afford to buy - just the cover is worth getting it for (the pattern is actually embroidered on!!). Ant's Mum and Dad gave it to me, they knew how much I had wanted Stephanie Alexanders book The Cooks Companion which they gave to me last year and I must say no Australian kitchen should be without. I'm using her gingerbread recipe today even. So to receive Maggie's Harvest was a wonderful surprise as well.

If I can't sqeeze one more post in before Christmas then I wish everyone a wonderful time, with lots of food, drink and festive cheer. We're hoping it will be warm enough for us to go for a dip in a swimming hole up the Meander River near Quamby Bluff, it's been too cool the last few years so here's to keeping our fingers crossed!


  1. What a terrific haul! I'm sure you'll enjoy Apples for Jam my bestie loved it. I bought her Stephanie's book last year and she makes heaps of things out of it. We are always talking about recipes whenever we get together. I think I'm getting Maggie for Christmas - I bought her Quince and Bitter Almond icecream for a treat. You can never have too many cook books!

    I have posted your parcel but it might not make it before Xmas - sorry about that. Never mind, you can do Xmas all over again when it arrives.

    I made gingerbread on the weekend. My treacles must have been in the cupboard a while as it was almost black! It's made yummmy dark gingerbread though.

    To you and ANt - have a wonderful Christmas - eat, drink be merry.

    Best wishes...Ann :)

  2. What a treasure trove of books. Looks like you'll have a great time reading through them.

    Merry Christmas to you and Ant, and your family.



  3. You did score well didnt you!!!
    It waas a gorgeous day... hangover and all.. hehe
    Your mum has the most gorgeous garden... and your dads workshop is to die for... Mark is very envious..
    You have a fabulous Christmas break.. Enjoy having Ant all to yourself for a few days straight...

  4. What a great selection of books Fer...you certainly scored there!!! Enjoy Christmas and have a Happy New Year...and Happy Reading!!!

  5. I wish you and your family a very "Merry Christmas!"

    I come from Melly&Me - blog!You have a very nice blog!

  6. A stack of fabulous books, lucky, lucky you!
    Have a great time pouring over each one of them, and I wish you a very merry Christmas!

    PS. Mo's toy is of a North American Beaver, but I will now and for always look at it and affectionately think wombat!

  7. Hope you had a Good Christmas Miss Jen!! Happy New Year too!! Cathyx

  8. Jen you really did score big.
    Now have fun and enjoy!!!!
    Happy New Year

  9. What a great haul! And the party looked great. Absolutely stunning garden! Happy belated birthday (and Christmas and New Year!)