24 November 2011

While he sleeps...

Tamsyn and I get busy.  In one way or another...

  • We have a lovely sheltered deck area in our backyard that is roofed with tinted laserlite, which is a must in our part of the world what with its depleted ozone layer right above us.  So today seemed like a good day for a paddle.  Tamsyn loves the water, which isn't really surprising considering both her parents are water mad and reminded me of myself when I was young, you know, staying in the water until you start shivering...... 

  • I've been feeling the need to knit socks for myself lately, despite being on the first sleeve of another Tiny Tea Leaves for Tamsyn.  I try to be a monogamous knitter but I think it's just not natural in some ways, although more than two is stretching myself too much.  I've had this sock yarn for a while and it kept calling me every time I walked past it, so I gave in and dug out the double pointed needles.  This is the first sock, so here's hoping I won't end up suffering from 'second sock syndrome' (like I have in the past).

  • And what of Angus?  Well he's crawling everywhere and pulling himself up against any piece of furniture, or leg, or sister.....

14 November 2011

Picking up the pieces

Pa's back yard. (Tamsyn doesn't need to be in the play pen, she just likes to share it with Angus...)

I had a sad yet happy nearly-two weeks in Geelong, and came home only to fall into an emotional heap.

I'm grateful of these two small people in my life, they give me something positive to focus on.  I'm also grateful for a loving, caring and understanding husband who knows how to do and say the right things at the right times.

26 October 2011

Excuse me....

.... while I have a break from blogging - especially reading and commenting.
My adopted mother (pictured on the right, when Tamsyn was 5 months old), passed away on Tuesday morning after suffering from liver cancer.  She was never in any great pain, but the quality of her life gradually slipped from her grasp.

We think of her now in heaven playing table tennis with her parents until they wet themselves laughing.

14 October 2011

Daily life....

....seems to keep going.  It's October already and I have to start thinking of Christmas, which also means Angus' first birthday.  Angus....... one year old in just over 2 months time...... how did that happen?

Two-and-a-bit year old Tamsyn is growing too, not just in height but with language, understanding and abilities.  My little bald headed baby finally had enough hair to cut the other day.
She was a very good girl (provided she sat on Daddy's knee), and took it all quite seriously.  She's also been talking about it ever since.

Angus was content to watch on, but the way he keeps growing I wouldn't be surprised if he needs a trim before his first birthday.
Afterwards we treated ourselves to a coffee/babycino at the cafe next door....

Tamsyn looooooooves babycinos......  Angus seems to be developing a taste for them too......

16 September 2011

Because I needed a break from knitting,

and before I became all knitted out.  I picked up the crochet hook and gave it a whirl (having only done granny squares in the past).  One little baby rattle later I felt enough confidence to tackle a full on teddy for the new nephew -

(yet another Drops design)

It's far from perfect but I'm sure little Hugh doesn't mind, especially as Angus tested it before posting to Canada and gave it the thumbs up.

Spurred on but not wanting to get too bored with only 'double crochet' ('single crochet' in America), and even though I love all the cool Amigarumi out there I felt the need for a bit of variety.  Hence the Queen Anne's Lace Scarf....
It's just enough of a pattern to make it interesting without being too difficult, and I've done enough repeats now to feel confident without the pattern sitting by my side.  That's a win:win situation in my books.  

And hey, who knows but I might make it back to regular blogging again.  Cripes!

09 March 2011

Angus' first trip to Bruny Island

In the ferry queue.

In some ways I'd been dreading this moment, how on earth would I cope?  The main reason for my fears was that there are no enclosed areas so I'd have to watch Tamsyn constantly, which isn't easy when you're changing someone else's nappy etc....

However, apart from the copious amount of luggage (it took 2 hours to pack the car...) it was pretty good, and thankfully both children travel really well.
This was how I spent most of my time.  We have an old hand-me-down stroller which stays at the oyster lease, so with Tamsyn in that and Angus in the Baby Bjorn we went walking.... a lot.  There's some great bush tracks all around this area, and I really really need the exercise.  Mind you, I've been pushing the twin pram around Launceston quite a bit lately too.

There's hope for my figure yet... 

18 February 2011

Still alive

 I was feeling very daunted before Angus was born, I honestly didn't know how I'd cope with 2 children under 2 years.  I have to remind myself now that when I was heavily pregnant there would be no way I could manage 2 under 2 at that time.  But I'm not pregnant now, I have lots more energy and a little boy who's pretty easy going. 

Tamsyn is getting used to having a little brother (he's 7 weeks old now, how did that happen?!), and even helps me burp him by patting him on the back when I do.  She loves to kiss him, and put his dummy in when he wants it, and points to his nose....  stop me now before I get too gooey....

Mealtimes with Tamsyn have always been good, and now we have company.  Those bouncy seats are worth their weight in gold, we got this one for Tamsyn and it usually follows me around the house.  I love slings but they make my shoulders ache after a while.

Tamsyn is at that age where she wants to feed herself, which is fine but this needs to be supervised of course.  So what do I do while watching her eat? (unless I'm eating too)  I knit...
Ravelry notes here.

I've done the odd bit of sewing too, mainly a flowergirl's dress for my girlie.

Happy days.

07 January 2011


 I am thankful for....
... the miracle of birth and a boy who knows how to wear a vest his Mummy made for him

 ... to see that male bonding is alive and well

.... to watch this little girl grow, explore and enjoy her Christmas presents

And to you, my dear bloggy friends, for all your lovely comments and well wishes. 

Life is good.