28 July 2009

sewing for my man

It was Ant's birthday the other day, and I always like to make something for him. I had some fabric left over from this shirt and had remembered seeing the tie pattern at The Purl Bee.

Their patterns are very very easy to follow, with lots of pictures along the way too. Usually if I'm thinking of making something a little different I'll search this site first.
I've also made some wristers, for those times when it's not cold enough for gloves but you just need a little warmth closer to your hands.... maybe. Anyway, mine are a bit bigger than the pattern (I didn't think 28 stitches would make it around my arms), which was another found through Ravelry at this blog. I bought 2 balls of organic cotton from that lovely little local shop, The Ruby Pear. You'd think that 2 balls would be enough wouldn't you, but the big frills and picot cast off uses quite a bit of yarn, and had to go back for more.

I like them lots.

22 July 2009

gratuitous baby worshipping

When we came home from our walk this arvo, Tamsyn looked so snug in the sleeping bag of her stroller I left her there. That little gumnut hat I made for her has been very handy too.

As well as the quilt I made for her. We'd just had some tummy time and Gracie decided to show Tamsyn the art of relaxation.

Yes, she is a dummy fan but fortunately she doesn't seem to depend on it all the time. It just happens that she's got one in her mouth every time I take a photo.
We bought a nice bouncy seat with some money Ant's grandfather gave her. She loves it and is now trying to work out how to biff the little teddy that hangs from the arch over it.

She looks so warm and cosy in the cardigan I knitted before she was born.
The cowhide booties fit her now too.

And me? The sewing has been light on the last few days but a bit of knitting has been done, must take some photos when I'm not worshipping baby......

12 July 2009

sewing for my girl

Tamsyn has been given so many clothes, she really doesn't need me making any for her especially as all her presents have been so wonderful.

Oh but I do so want to sew for her.

While making this little pinafore I was constantly filled with a joy that seemed to bubble up from deep in my soul. I think it was the fulfilling of a dream. A dream that had been buried deep within and repressed during those years when I believed that I'd never marry or have children. I was very happy being single, in my little house with dog, cat, garden and sewing room but it's so much better now with husband, house, dog, cat, overgrown garden (on the 'to do' list), sewing room and a wee girl.
The pattern is from Ottobre magazine. I've read a few blogs that rave about these and thought I'd give it a go. It comes with full size pattern sheets and the clothes range from newborns to pre-teens. I bought a couple of magazines on-line and have found that I'll have enough patterns to keep us going for years.

The pinafore was made from some of the Japanese Gokka fabric that Ant's auntie brought back from Purl Soho in New York, and I lined the shoulder straps with the brown and blue polka dot cotton that I already had.
Tamsyn's quilt was christened this morning, literally. She was having a lovely time lying on it, kicking away and practicing noises, when she thought it'd be nice to add a little puke as well. Which missed the bib of course.

Gotta love babies.

Oh and we didn't make it to the market yesterday, it rained most of the day and is doing pretty much the same today. Poo...

10 July 2009

winter walking

Walking, originally uploaded by Claire Badcock

We don't have snowfalls in Launceston, but we do have heavy frosts which result in lovely clear days with a crispness that tingles the cheeks. In Tasmania snow keeps to the mountains and rarely falls below 200 metres (650 feet), so it's a real treat when it does happen.

Tamsyn, Lucy and I walk almost every day. Lucy being the big doggy that she is needs to be walked daily, which is fine by me, I need to keep active. Mum and Dad spent half the day with us on Tuesday and Mum captured this moment as we were walking through Princes Square, one of the prettiest parks in town.

I love the Baby Bjorn pouch, especially when getting about town. There's nothing worse than trying to negotiate a pram in busy shopping areas. The only downside is that I do get achy shoulders, so when Tamsyn is big enough I'm going to make a backpack style carrier using this pattern (I've already made the sling which is very handy for around the house).

Not a great deal is happening on the sewing front. I've cut out a little dress for Tamsyn and will start sewing after I've finished here. This is a bit of a procrastination though, I should be re-covering the lounge suite with fitted removable covers but it's proving more of a challenge than I envisioned. It would be easier to remove the arms and reupholster, but this would be more time consuming. Hmmm, will have to pull my finger out sooner or later....

Have a good weekend all, and for anyone in the Lonnie area there's the Civic Homespun Market on Saturday. Thanks for the heads-up Gemma!

03 July 2009


Perusing one of the local op-shops today I came across this little gem. Many of you would know my love, and extensive collection, of Cornishware. This jug has a chip on the spout, but apart from that it's in good nick, and the price? Wait for it ....... 15 bucks! Yay for me.

Mum told me last year that Cornishware, or rather, TG Greene had gone bust which was very depressing. However the other day when Ant was surfing Flickr, he came across these photos - aren't they adorable! Reading the users profile I learnt that the company has since been saved, so there'll be more Cornishware goodness to come. Nice.....