28 July 2009

sewing for my man

It was Ant's birthday the other day, and I always like to make something for him. I had some fabric left over from this shirt and had remembered seeing the tie pattern at The Purl Bee.

Their patterns are very very easy to follow, with lots of pictures along the way too. Usually if I'm thinking of making something a little different I'll search this site first.
I've also made some wristers, for those times when it's not cold enough for gloves but you just need a little warmth closer to your hands.... maybe. Anyway, mine are a bit bigger than the pattern (I didn't think 28 stitches would make it around my arms), which was another found through Ravelry at this blog. I bought 2 balls of organic cotton from that lovely little local shop, The Ruby Pear. You'd think that 2 balls would be enough wouldn't you, but the big frills and picot cast off uses quite a bit of yarn, and had to go back for more.

I like them lots.


  1. And I like them lots too.
    Great work.

  2. You mad woman! A tie! My gran used to make them for my dad. Yours looks fantastic - love the fabric. I bet not too many blokes can say their tie was made by their wife/partner. The wristers are gorgeous! You can't beat a frill at the wrist. Tres chic! I have a littel something coming your way. Will be in the post Thursday. Keep an eye out. Ann :)

  3. Love the Tie & the Wristers...haven't seen anything like that for quite a while...

  4. Love that tie!!! And those wristers...what a great idea. Last year when we were down there I bought some 'arms' from Salamanca...knit that came from your wrists up to your elbows...or could even be put on your legs!!! Great for the Snowys here but not used too much down at the Coast!!!

  5. Jen I have tried twice before to leave a message. I hope you don't end up with all of them.
    Absolutely love the tie. I would love to try one. The wristers are beautiful. I have never seen them before. Just gorgeous.

  6. Aww cute! I'd love to see a picture of him wearing it.

  7. Fabulous tie, great fabric, and the wrister is so fun! Beautiful work as always!

  8. I love the wristers, they look so good, but tie... well, tastes are not to be discussed

  9. Love those frilly wrister whatsits. A vast improvement of my half notion for a quick fix version with the leftover bit from a sock monster! (ps. only one wrist gets to be warm),