18 February 2011

Still alive

 I was feeling very daunted before Angus was born, I honestly didn't know how I'd cope with 2 children under 2 years.  I have to remind myself now that when I was heavily pregnant there would be no way I could manage 2 under 2 at that time.  But I'm not pregnant now, I have lots more energy and a little boy who's pretty easy going. 

Tamsyn is getting used to having a little brother (he's 7 weeks old now, how did that happen?!), and even helps me burp him by patting him on the back when I do.  She loves to kiss him, and put his dummy in when he wants it, and points to his nose....  stop me now before I get too gooey....

Mealtimes with Tamsyn have always been good, and now we have company.  Those bouncy seats are worth their weight in gold, we got this one for Tamsyn and it usually follows me around the house.  I love slings but they make my shoulders ache after a while.

Tamsyn is at that age where she wants to feed herself, which is fine but this needs to be supervised of course.  So what do I do while watching her eat? (unless I'm eating too)  I knit...
Ravelry notes here.

I've done the odd bit of sewing too, mainly a flowergirl's dress for my girlie.

Happy days.