22 January 2010

sometimes blog post titles stump me...

It's true, I can sit here for ages trying to come up with a catchy title and end up drifting off to play Spider Solitaire.... again......

Looks like Craft Hope on Etsy has really taken off, they've had 1,174 sales so far. Isnt' that wonderful!
Another fabric purchase arrived in the post the other day. This time from Tessuti who sells ex-designer fabrics, usually from the previous season. They're not cheap so I only bought 2 half metre cuts, but who could resist those bunnies? Still have to decide what I'll do with it though.
Any Australian over the age of say, 25, grew up with Skippy the Bush Kangaroo. And so many Australian children in the 70's ate their meals off a Skippy plate. I did, and so did Ant. Neither of us have our Skippy plates any more so when we were driving past Recycled Relix the other day and saw one in the window then we had to have it, no questions asked.

Tamsyn can now have her own Skippy plate too.

I may be a bit quiet in the blogosphere over the next few days. I have to take my computer in to be serviced and 'cleaned up' (Mum had hers done last week and she said it's like having a brand new computer!), so Ant and I will be fighting over the laptop. Let's see who wins......

16 January 2010

craft hope

Just a quick post. Like a lot of people out there I've been wanting to help with the terrible situation in Haiti, but like the Bushfire Relief project that was so successful last year I wanted to find a crafty way. Reading Syko's blog today, she has a link to an Etsy shop that has been set up with proceeds going to Doctors Without Borders. If anyone has items to donate and sell, click on the picture/button above for all the details.

14 January 2010

the hiatus is over

Now to get my blogging butt into gear...

The Christmas and New Years period was great, with lots of relaxing and family time. With that comes sewing of course and the wee girl didn't miss out on her share.
The dress in the foreground was actually a purchase from the very talented Gemma of Loz and Dinny fame, snapped up at Niche in November. It's been perfect for these hot summer days we've been having of late. The other dress I made from a pattern in the Amy Butler book 'Little Stitches for Little Ones', which has been perfect too. Some may recall I made the nappy bag from this book, and to be honest I don't really like the instructions for the patterns - not that easy to follow. Fortunately the dress was so simple I didn't need the instructions. The pink fabric is a Heather Bailey and even though Tamsyn isn't a pink girl (her skin is too pale like her Mum), this one is pretty good, especially with the grey bodice. I enjoyed making this one so much that I made a Christmas dress as well, must take a photo of it too.
When family asked me what I wanted for Christmas this year I said fabric (or a Spotlight gift voucher - already spent!!). One of Ant's aunties, who has very good taste, gave me this grey linen and contrasting orange flower print. It wasn't long before I whipped up this tunic style dress and it too has been perfect in the hot weather, worn with black 3/4 leggings underneath. It's huge though, like even too big for me. But I wanted something I could be a bit lazy in, and to tell the truth I cut it out a bit larger because the pattern pieces were cut to my pre pregnancy size and I didn't want to waste such lovely linen. Still working on that size reduction thing, getting there slowly.....

I had to wash the little wooden dog the other day because someone spewed on it, later on when I came back into the kitchen the sight made me go a bit gooey so I had to capture it. :)