23 November 2007

tunic love

Here's me enjoying a posing moment on the Italian lawn (and no I haven't roller skated on it yet - too many loose stones!), resplendent in my new top . I'll be making a couple more but without that style of pocket (pregnant look). I do enjoy the convenience of a pocket so in future I'll just have one in the side seam or in a contrasting colour/pattern as a quirky patch pocket. I was also a bit lazy this time by machining the hem rather than hand sewing and was so glad I did, as you can't even notice the machine stitching anyway.

So back to reality and a return to skirt #5, I cut out the sash tie for the waist and once that's attached it will only need hemming. Must hassle the Travelling Teacosy* for some more work. In the meantime work will begin on B Mum's birthday present, so I must latch onto one of the ideas floating around my head.

Have a good weekend everyone. We'll be back to Bruny again.......


  1. The Italian lawn!! *laughs*

    That is a GORGEOUS tunic top dress thingy!! And you look gorgeous in it!

  2. I love the tunic top too... pity I have such a big bum... a top like that would only emphasise it..boohoo...