07 November 2007

went shopping

F Mum loved her quilt and I'm so glad the bag and badge worked well, fully blogged by Lonnie Girl as most would probably realise by now.

Fabric shopping was the order of the day in Melbourne on Monday. Two metres each of a black and brown linen and some vintage cotton found at the pokey little fabric shop at the top end of Bourke St. This shop is amazing and not especially in a good way. Fabric is stacked from floor to ceiling and a lot have varying degrees of water damage, which also explains the reason why the place smells very musty. It didn't help either whilst looking through the linens I discovered a silverfish, I'm sure there's a lot more where they came from!

So I have this tunic pattern in a Japanese craft book (found on Ebay) and thought this would look lovely in a nice breezey linen, but first I would try it on some left over fabric (brown printed cotton with 5% spandex stretch) that I wouldn't be upset about if it didn't work. I finished it tonight and it's okay except that it's pretty shapeless so it does the same old thing with me where my boobs push the shape out at the front and therefore hides my waist. So yes, it needs more shaping which means more tailoring and inserting a zip. Actually, buttons on the shoulder or down the side seam would be cute. I'm also not that keen on the neck shape but I do like that little split bit, so I think I'll have to go out and find the right pattern after all. As for the dummy run, I'm thinking it will make a good summer gardening top.

This is the entrance to a block of flats a couple of doors down from Ant's auntie's apartment in Melbourne where we always stay (bless you Jane!). I'm so loving that wrought iron design, very 1920's art deco. I dunno it just does something to me and makes me want to find more - for what, who knows ....... yet! I've been promising myself for some time now to go around Launceston with my camera as there's so much wrought iron still in it's original condition, however it's more Victorian. We'll see what we can come up with!

"Tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it". I love that quote from Anne of Green Gables, and the way Marilla puts a "yet" on the end of it. Skirt #5 for Tara is in full swing so I must get that finished as well as Shannon's bag for her birthday. I realised that I didn't get a photo of skirt #4, as I finished it whilst out at Exton and didn't think to take one even though I had my camera with me (another blonde moment..). Anyways, must go to bed, sleep is calling and I like that.


  1. Oooh I'm so looking forward to the new bag!

    That building entrance is pretty spiffy I must say. I love the scrolling of the, ah, cement? too.

  2. Lovin all this quilting and dressmaking... makes me *sniff* kinda sad I have no blasted time to do any myself! @#$@%
    Cheers Nannette

  3. The building is probably a bit older than the 20's - definite suggestions of Art Nouveau there! Don't you just love the stylised peacock feathers!
    Mum B