16 November 2007

jeez I'm slack

I have quite a few photos to post but the problem is that I write these entries at work (ssh, no I don't!!) but the photos are on the computer at home, and home time is pretty full-on at the moment with virtually all weekends at Bruny. The garden wants lots and lots of attention too and I spent an afternoon in the front yard this week completely weeding it and tidying up all the straw mulch that the birds scatter everywhere. The vegie patch still hasn't been planted (ugh!) and the sprinkler system up the back needs re-mastering, especially since I went over some of it with the whipper-snipper ....... the grass was so tall I had no idea what was underneath.

So I'm still sewing of a morning don't get me wrong, otherwise I'd go mad. Shannon's bag is made and I do hope she likes it and doesn't mind that it's a simplified version of the first one I made for her (don't worry Shan, it just means that there's not the extra pockets - just one inside). I've been experimenting with a new bag design and I think I'll send her one of these to trial, so all should be in the mail on Monday.

Car dramas at the moment. After receiving my tax refund, the nicest I've had in a very long time, I decided that the best use for it is to finally have the clutch and gear box done in my little red wagon. I took it to the repairer on Tuesday and received a phone call on Wednesday morning to say that it's worse than expected and will cost about another $1,000, this means that my tax cheque won't be enough. Tas Driveline has a very good reputation and don't screw people around so I know they'll do a good job, the problem with clutches and gear boxes is that you don't know how bad it is until it's been pulled apart. It's just that I was expecting to have about $500 change from the cheque and I was going to use some of it on a new printer/scanner - you know, a treat for me?

Even bike dramas too. Riding home from work on Tuesday my peddles went clunkety clunk as the shaft between them came loose. The good news is that it only cost $25 to repair. The bad news is that Geards have a sale and they had a lovely silver coloured women's mountain bike for $380. Oh my.

Okay I'm home now so here's some photos.
I've made this 'divided skirt' or cullottes before in black. It was high waisted and I added braces to complete the look. They've been great and perfect for the bike but a bit of a pain when one needs the toilet as there's so much to undo. So I've made this version (not high waisted) in a dull beige cotton from Spotlight which is quite heavy, almost a canvas. They were christened today in more ways than one -
I need a chain guard ......

Here's the new bag I'll send to Shannon, still in progress of course -
The pointy bits will become the strap and will be joined and finished off with a button. It was inspired by this which I saw a photo of in a Japanese craft book
Bit like a papoose isn't it? This one used two square upholstery fabric samples which are 65cm (25.5") square, cut diagonally (that's why the trees are upside down on one side!) then re-pieced as you can see in the smaller one. What I've used for the smaller one is half of two samples so in theory I should get two bags. They're unlined also but could easily be lined. Another naff thing is that if I don't completely stich up the cross over sections I have an instant pocket, I'll keep you posted .......

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  1. Oooh I can't wait!!

    I don't even bother cycling - my bike was my father-in-law's, and has two sets of gears or something, only one doesn't work, and the seat is the most uncomfortable thing I've ever sat on! I miss my days cycling everywhere in Japan with just a simple bike, no gears, nothing but muscle!! Also, I think I'll get hit by a car here...