28 November 2007

skirt #5

After I got to work this morning I realised that I wasn't wearing any makeup, sad but true. I'm not the type to "never leave the house without her face done" as I'm happier without it, but presentation is very important to me and I don't like people to see how red my nose is - especially in summer. So I just do the basics, good bit of foundation and some eye makeup. The strange thing about this morning was how self conscious I was, and glad not very many people would see me like this. As I said - sad.....

So here's skirt #5 amid hemming the lining. Have I mentioned how much I love my trusty old Bernina?
Have I also mentioned how much I love my husband? Ant had to do a business trip up the North-West coast on Tuesday, catching up with some of his customers etc. That night when we had just sat down to tea he asked me "do you love me?". Of course I replied that I always love him. He then reached over to the seat next to him and lifted up the green toile type fabric as seen above, a whole 2.8 metres of it! Then last night he presented me with the 2 tickings - about 2 metres each. He had stopped into Ulverstone and noticed Jan's Discount Fabrics, she goes to Melbourne regularly and buys ends of rolls. Yes, I love him very much.


  1. Doesn't he know you so well! And what wonderful fabrics!

    Mum B

  2. Awwww isnt he just the sweetest man....
    He loves you very much too!!!
    You are doing some gorgeous work there lady...
    I am so jealous of your sewing mornings... Might have to see my boss about shortening my days... haha
    yeah right!!!