04 December 2007

summer sewing - ahaar!

Thought I'd get your attention.

Now that December is here I'd better get a move on I suppose, as I realised that come the 2nd of January my darling husband would like to look a bit like the chappy pictured above. This is why he's been growing out his goatee ready for beading and I have to make a pirate outfit. The reason being is that our beloved Tony Purse will be celebrating his 40th birthday on that day and the theme is 'Pirates & Wenches', so yes I have to look like a wench. At least I have the boobs for it. If I could get away with looking like Keira Knightley, I'd go as her. I'll probably buy this pattern for me and I'll do *something* up for Ant I suppose! Yeah, better get my arse in gear.....

So just another thing to do before Christmas. I have been sewing but again it's for presents so no photos to show just yet, although I have made another tunic top in the brown linen I bought in Melbourne and are in the process of making cullottes in the black linen - must post some photos when it's finished too. Therefore I think I'm about right for some long hot summer days, cool.

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  1. Hmmm Beads hey.... hahaha... You two are going to look fantastic I just know it...