21 December 2007

bags I said, oh and merry christmas!

I'm not really repeating myself with these bags, honest. It's just that when I filled them all yesterday with their goodies they looked so cute all lined up on the ironing board, especially with their groovy gift tags. I printed these off on standard A4 paper and then found some really cool patterned card stock at Spotlight (sometimes that place amazes me!) to glue them to, I showed these tags to Tara the other day and we both cracked up laughing.

I don't know if I'll get any more posts in before Christmas as we're back off to Bruny on Saturday. We have to handle the seed (little baby oysters), bring in a BIG harvest on Sunday and deliver them to the processor on Monday morning - where apparently they will be shipped straight away to Sydney. Nice......

So here's my big fat Christmas greeting to you all. Enjoy you day, enjoy the food, enjoy the plonk, laughter, family, sunshine, snow, bulging waistlines, headache the next day - you know, all that good stuff. "I'm going off now to stuff loads and loads of paper down the toilet", thanks Vivian.

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