16 December 2007

my turn today

It's my birthday and this is what Ant gave me. Yep, I now have my very own industrial machine! Now I can make more heavy duty bags, re-upholster the lounge suit and ...... well whatever takes my fancy!! I've said before how much I love my husband but I'll say it again, he is rather amazing at times!

And I made a softie -
This kitty (scroll down to see the pattern) is for Charlotte, the new addition for our friends Craig and Tania. We're seeing them tonight so I thought I'd better pull my finger out and make kitty. I still struggle with softies but this one wasn't too bad. Her body/dress is made from Amy Butler fabrics, which I didn't think I'd be able to buy other than through Ebay. Well, yesterday I had to make myself scarce while Ant and his co-worker Damien unloaded the sewing machine at home. It was really a case of wandering the streets aimlessly with Lucy as I had already been into town that morning and I really didn't want to go back there. Anyway I ended up in Elizabeth St and thought I'd look at the second hand book shops, as there's a lot there. However the fabrics in the window of Seworld caught my attention. The lady there is a kindred spirit, we both love Amy Butler fabrics (she's getting the new range in next year too!), Wee Wonderfuls (she's made the Pointy Kitty) and all the other blogs that are too many to name. Ah bliss, I assured her that I'll be back!!

So a happy birthday has been had. I feel very loved and very special. Thank you!!


  1. I am so glad you love your birthday pressie... you have no idea how many times I raced out the back to cover that blasted machine up with rolls of quilted calico and dacron etc just incase you went out there!!!
    Enjoy many many hours of creating... just call if you want any pointers!!!

  2. It looks great! It will take you to new places stitch-wise and make the Bernina last longer too!
    Happy birthday
    Love Mum


    I am having a really hard time keeping track of dates, and only now realised I didn't wish you the best when I emailed you on the weekend. I'm sorry! If it's any consolation, I neglected to email everyone else in the family on their birthday too!

  4. I finally try to leave a comment...lets hope I remember my password for my blog login?!!
    Happy hooning on the beast! It'll be curtains for you (and I mean the fabric ones not 'the end'), and then onto the leather luggage collection and I'm sure it'll sew through wetsuit material!!! xxxxTara