14 December 2007

ho ho hee hee

Shannon forwarded an email to me with all those silly Christmas cartoons, you know, you get them every year. Fortunately I hadn't received this email before and I really laughed out loud (no 'LOL' for me!!!!) when I came to this one. All he needs though is a copy of the sports section from the days' newspaper - a la Rocko's Modern Life (didn't have the clip I wanted so this one will do!).

I love my one and only Japanese craft book, I must buy another one. I started these a few weeks ago but needed to get some sort of foam from Ant for the insoles. I've put leather on the actual soles and the outside and lining are all ex-Swaffer samples. I love to use these as they're always 100% cotton and are BIG samples - some 1.5m long.

Anyway, must get back to the goody bags.......

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