18 December 2007

more present love

You'll have to excuse my lack of skill when it comes to arranging a photo 'presentation', but it was a quick whip up before I left for work.

The machine embroidered picture is from my oh-so-talented mother (B), which compliments the one she made for Ant when he had his birthday in July. I think I'll put them side by side on the wall and shall post a photo of them together. She (and Dad of course!) also gave me the vinegar bottle, man it's so good! She always contributes to my Cornishware collection each year, but apparently there's a rumour that T G Green will be closing down next year - that would be bad. Very bad indeed. If this is the case then I'll have to stock up, and end up with quite a valuable collection perhaps!

Dear old Tara (and Rainier) gave me the hand made soap and plant markers, both from Wychwood Nursery (love that place so much). Tara also made the gorgeous birdie/girlie purse, because every girl needs one. Then after I took the photo the Australia Post van turns up with another package, this time from brother Pete and sister-in-law Lenore - who has a great shop Just Because and therefore alway guarantees nice pressies!!

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  1. I was browsing Brisbane gifts when the girl there told me that the Cornishware factory was closing and that there would be only one more delivery from them, so that decided me that I should get you one for your birthday, especially as the book I had ordered for you had not come in! The book has now arrived - do I give you that as well?

    Mum B