06 December 2007

birthday bags

Birthday girl Shannon finally received her bags so I can now happily post a photo from my end. I am very glad she likes it, Ant also helped choose the fabrics - he makes a great second opinion.
Another December baby is my Mum B. She requested a hedge trimmer which is fair enough as she has some beautiful topiary in her garden, but that's another story (all her children love to rave about her garden!). Must take pickies and post them some time........

I wanted to do up a goody bag so I made this semi-rigid shopping bag. Only 2 sides have cardboard inside them so in theory it can collapse for storage. It's big enough to hold a standard shopping bag but also has lots of inside pockets so it could be used as a utility bag instead.I stressed the importance to her that she needs to provide me with feedback, especially as I've never made anything like this before and any type of feedback is important. I also made her a hat and bought Turkish Delight and some yummy T2 tea.

My family likes to try a different style of present wrapping each Christmas. I'm thinking red and white gingham (sorry Mum) with these gift tags. The next sewing project is making Christmas goody bags for Ant's family, I like this pattern but I think I'll adapt it a bit and perhaps make it not so Christmassy. I'll fill it with Tasmanian cheeses etc etc. (oh and that APQ site is a bit of a shocker at the moment with it's bouncy screen - apparently the techies are looking into it, seems to be taking a while but....)


  1. Hi there, Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog...it's a great way of finding more bloggers :) Lover your bags..and what a great idea to fill them with yummie-ness. Have a lovely Christmas!

  2. I used the second bag - the prototype - for carrying my shopping yesterday. Tricky to get stuff in, but they certainly can't fall out! The knot in the handle makes for good grip. I wasn't sure what else I could use it for, as it doesn't go over my shoulder too well. But great for shopping!

  3. My bag is great - holds so much and holds its shape as well! I love it!

    Mum B