11 December 2007

grubby times were had

Did you know that if you hold an oyster up to your ear you can hear Vivaldi's Symphony for horns? Don't believe everything Tara tells you, I'm sure she made that up.
We had 4 willing helpers last weekend and a very good job they did too, made things a lot easier for us regulars. Tara, Rainier, Damien and Allison were up before the crack of dawn (hi Dawn!) on Saturday and managed to drive from Mole Creek/Wensleydale in time for the 9.30am ferry, quite a good feat that!

Ant the Grading Machine Man was in action too. Since we inherited this grader it's made our job a lot easier. It's powered by a washing machine motor hooked up to a car battery, this drives the belt that rotates the barrels. Easy peasy. Edit, it's actually a windscreen wiper motor - apparently oyster farmers would know, and be suitably upset if they knew I said it was a washing machine motor.
Our guests didn't leave empty handed either. Naturally they received oysters and on Sunday Debbie took them out to collect mussels also. Had some on Monday night for Mum's birthday tea, along with a salmon (previously caught at the lease) and scallops - yum-o-licious brought to you by Bruny Island, how good is that?!

Back home and the sewing is in full swing for Christmas. Things like finishing off the dining room and working in the back yard are on hold till after when I'm on my 2 week break from work. I also whipped up a bag for Shannon's present (instead of wrapping paper) and will post it today, unfortunately it most likely won't be there in time for Christmas - sorry Shan.

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  1. Oh I wish I were there! Just you wait, when we finally return to Tassie you'll have a couple more idiots wanting to listen to Vivaldi in the oysters!

    I love love love the idea of bags as wrapping paper! I'm enthusiastic about recycling and not using wrapping paper etc.