29 October 2007

new week, jobs to start & finish

It was a rough weekend on Bruny Island. As anticipated we had tea at the smokehouse (forgot to take photo) after getting off the 7.30pm ferry and the Duck Pond pizza was sublime - smoked duck with sweet potato, cheese and herbs (I'm still drooling). So glad we spoiled ourselves as Saturday and Sunday were not easy. North west winds are the only ones that create havoc at Great Bay and pulling a barge between the rails was hard work, my legs are still aching.This photo is from a north-westerly last summer so you can get the general idea. Quite often on Sunday arvo's when we're on our way home we'll stop in on friends and family to catch up, but not yesterday. Any energy left was spent getting home safely, so an early night was had by all.

Melbourne/Geelong this weekend and F Mum's 70th. I've been making a wall hanging, or table runner (still deciding) as a present in between other sewing jobs and this morning I started machine quilting it, I should be able to take it to the stitching group tomorrow night to hand stitch the binding. The job to start next the skirt #5, another wrap around so I'm looking forward to that one.

Unrelated. Came across this on the Selvedge site the other day (thanks to Tara for another good link!) -
For the love of linen I want to make this! It's an apron that I'd wear all day, and those big baggy linen pants as well ....... sigh. Linen seems to be the recurring theme for this spring/summer. Pity it's not cheap, I am keeping an eye on Ebay too but there's not much there. I need to see what's available on the on-line shops in America seeings how the exchange rate is so good at the moment. Here's to good sewing times ahead.

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  1. I honestly don't know how you find the energy. I find I need one day (Saturday) to recover from work, one day to do something hopefully fun (Sunday), and then one more day to recover from that! Yep, I'm an avid believer in the four-day work week! Wouldn't that just be the bees' knees?

    That pizza does sound yummy...
    Oh, I made a book recommendation in reply to your comment!