19 October 2007

I'm running hot

I kept forgetting to take a photo of #2, very pleased with the results I am too and wouldn't mind making something similar for myself but in lighter weight fabric - an A-line wrap skirt with a ribbon tie, how simple is that?!

I was at Spotlight yesterday and found on their bargain pile a dark, dark kahki (the tag said 'Army') cotton drill with a stretch to it. At $2 a metre I couldn't say no and bought the 2.6 metres left on the roll. I also found a groovy floral that matches it nicely, so the result will be new wide leg pants for spring. My old ones are starting to wear, and these will be even more comfy with the stretch in it. Since falling in love with these button do-ups, instead of zips, I was thinking of using the floral for this as well - makes a nice contrast and keeps it up there in the originality scale. So, new spring pants for $12 - sounds like a plan!

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like a top idea to me ...
    I hope you had a top night tonight...
    Say hi to the bossy one for me wont you!! ;o)