23 October 2007

the ford quilt

Photo taken amid tacking of the 'sandwich'. It's nice when a quilt top is dated before it's quilted, I know that this was assembled in October 2003. Just a small lap quilt which I found the pattern for in the October 2003 issue of American Patchwork & Quilting, made pre-Anthony and when all I seemed to do was sew. I don't know what inspired me but it ended up being a Ford family signature quilt, with a little note or picture and signed by each family member on the blank blocks - plus date of course. So here I am back again and was in need of a new hand quilting project, and something to take to my stitching group on Tuesday nights as I needed a change from the hexagon stars.

Received my Anthropologie e-newsletter today, I want this dress!! Shirt dresses really seem to suit me and that skivvy underneath, just makes a skivvy girl so happy. Perfect for early Tasmanian spring/summers and then when it gets hotter I can wear the dress on it's own - too easy!

The next stage in the plan is to find a pattern close enough and adapt if necessary. Don't know it I'll do the belt though, they've never really been my thing even though I'd love to wear them. I find that it can emphasize my short waist and make my boobs look bigger, men might not see a problem with that but i do!! The other problem that I've discovered is that Spotlight doesn't have any linen. They have 'Shantung Linen', which is 100% synthetic - and doesn't crease. Made me want to vomit over the entire range. This is one of the beauties of linen! It gets that lovely crumple feel to it which makes it hang so nicely and feel so good. Melbourne in a couple of weeks, Clegs here I come!

Bruny Island tomorrow night. We'll try for the last ferry at 7.30pm and treat ourselves to a pizza at the Smokehouse (tried to find some photo links but to no avail - I'll have to take some myself). The place is perched on the hillside about 1.5km from the ferry terminal and Matt makes a great pizza. I think they're the only place that sells Bruny Island stout, one even I can drink, they also have a bottle shop licence so Ant usually takes a 6 pack away with him. Yum-o times ahead.... This makes up for getting down and dirty on the oyster farm over the weekend.

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  1. I hope you'll post a photo of this quilt finished. I'm intrigued and I'd like to see what it finally looks like.