23 October 2007

spring jacket

I didn't have a light weight jacket for when the warm days still turn into coolish evenings, and all the ones I see in town are cropped shorter or are just plain boring. I already had this New Look pattern but to jazz it up a bit I made the panel around the bottom into pleats, also doing this with the cuffs. I hate un-lined jackets, so I made a lining using a cotton patchwork fabric with Japanese type flowers in a dusky pink on black background. I only finished it a couple of weeks ago but I've already worn it heaps, should of made it ages ago ....
I'm working on the dark dark kahki pants at the moment, which are coming along swimmingly. I still have one more skirt for Tara so that's next on the list, then back to the F Mum's 70th birthday present, then Shannon's birthday bag - I'm looking forward to that one. I find if I get back into one thing, like dress making, I then miss the quilting or the bag making and vice versa. I want more hours in the day!!!

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