18 October 2007

skirt #3

The photo really doesn't do this fabric justice. The raw silk is such a lovely biscuity colour and was so nice to put together. Tara was very pleased with the button insertion which has boosted my confidence no end.

I now have more navy raw silk and finished skirt #2 last night, yay! I got out #4 this morning, a silk organza with white silk waist band and hem. I also suggested to Tara that instead of a zip, I should put in a white silk button insertion similar to #3. Which was liked muchly. I did this before work this morning, the organza is like gossimer and the silk is soft and slinky too - not easy to work with. Thankfully Tara actually prefers her work to be a bit, how would you say, rustic? No, imperfect? I don't know, I suppose so long as it doesn't look like it came out of a sweat shop in Thaiwan then that's all the matters!

Flicking through an old copy of English Country Living, I had forgotten about this picture. The first time I saw it I fell in love, the second time I saw it I fell in love all over again. There's something about hand applique, it just gets to me and I itch to grab fabric and thread. Maybe it will be the next project for the car trips, I only have to get A's jumper knitted. And there's still birthday bags to be made...... sigh.

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