09 March 2011

Angus' first trip to Bruny Island

In the ferry queue.

In some ways I'd been dreading this moment, how on earth would I cope?  The main reason for my fears was that there are no enclosed areas so I'd have to watch Tamsyn constantly, which isn't easy when you're changing someone else's nappy etc....

However, apart from the copious amount of luggage (it took 2 hours to pack the car...) it was pretty good, and thankfully both children travel really well.
This was how I spent most of my time.  We have an old hand-me-down stroller which stays at the oyster lease, so with Tamsyn in that and Angus in the Baby Bjorn we went walking.... a lot.  There's some great bush tracks all around this area, and I really really need the exercise.  Mind you, I've been pushing the twin pram around Launceston quite a bit lately too.

There's hope for my figure yet...