26 February 2010


Yep, that's my foot and yes, they're sporting a healthy pair of bunions (just below the big toe joint).

They've been coming on steadily since Tamsyn was born and I finally got to see the surgeon last Tuesday.  I'm booked in for surgery this Monday, apparently it's more complicated than just removing the lump, a pin needs to be inserted and other stuff played with.
So I'll be wearing a special shoe for six weeks and won't be able to walk very far (doggy won't be impressed!), but if in the long run it means that I'll have a lot more energy, less lethargy and won't walk with a slight limp then I'll be happy.

14 February 2010

take one big old jumper....

Cut it up.  Put it back together with a zip across the bottom...
 ... and you get a sleeping bag for a girl who sees bedclothes as a challenge..

I lined the sleeping bag with some cotton jersey knit as well, and used some rib knit to finish the neck and arm holes.  In hindsight it would've been good to put a zip down the front as well so there's less bulk to get over her head, but I didn't want to spoil the look of that lovely cable pattern.

Think I'll have to make some more of these.  Especially as the nights are starting to get cooler.  :-)

02 February 2010

more knitting and sewing for my girl

This girlie is growing well, which also means new clothes.  Cheap clothes don't seem to me as an option, and to be honest I'd rather make them anyway.  Therefore I've been finding some lovely original patterns on Etsy, namely these Monkey Pants, made with some dark khaki cotton jersey also found at the same shop.  Unfortunately I didn't pre-wash the fabric and it's shrunk ....  :(  So I made another pair in black jersey which I had bought locally and knew didn't shrink (the spotty fabric is some Nani Iro which I just love).

I may put them aside for the next baby due - Tamsyn's cousin.  :)

The Whirligig Shrug was an absolute joy to knit.  I was in my favourite newsagents flicking through the latest Interweave Knits (Weekender edition), noticed this pattern and knew I had to make it.  It's one of these knit from the top down on a circular needle type jobbies and I'd been wanting to try it.  Being the type that doesn't enjoy sewing up knitted pieces, the additional fact that this method is seamless made it even more attractive.  I decided on the 9-12 months size, so it's a bit big at the moment but should be perfect for the cooler autumn evenings which I hope aren't too far away.

She seems happy ...