25 September 2009

I heart socks

I've been knitting socks on and off for a few years now and never get tired of them, maybe because they're not that big and satisfies my love of knitting on four needles..... who knows. The wool is from Spotlight, Moda Vera - 75% wool super wash, 25% polyamide so they can be chucked in a normal wash. You could knit them on either 2.25mm or 2.75mm needles, I chose the former which gives a nice snug fit.

I finished this pair for Ant on Monday night and he loves them, wore them to work on Tuesday and Thursday, and have washed up fine.

The pattern has special significance as it's the one his Great Great Auntie Marj used -
The small print down the bottom says April 1941. Yep, this was the knitting pattern book for WWII soldiers (Tasmania Division). Auntie Marj knitted socks for most of the family for nearly all her adult life, giving up only after her eyes became too weak.

This copy now belongs to Ant's Mum and I took a photocopy of it. I feel very honoured to have it, and are reminded of all those women who did so much knitting for the men they sent off to war, not knowing if they would return and trying to 'do their bit' for the war effort.

Very humbling.

21 September 2009

get out of town .....

The oyster farm is calling us, and there's a lot to do leading up to Christmas. We've had our winter break, which also enabled us to focus more on Tamsyn (naturally). So this weekend just gone the wee girl had her second trip to Bruny Island. She did very well except for last night after we returned home, I think it was all a bit much and was rather ratty. But she had a really good sleep (8.30pm till 6.30am) and is back to her usual spirits.
The view from my back door today, so nice to see the sun.

I find that living in Launceston you can easily fall into a rut. I suppose this happens in most towns and cities, and you really have to remind yourself to just go, and go somewhere different. Bruny seems to do the trick.
And to come home with rejuvenated spirits, with a little girl who's trying not to fall over after being placed in a sitting position. Wearing your jammies all day too doesn't seem to hurt either....

Oh and before I forget, Gemma is having a challenge/giveaway type thingie. Come on, it's not too late to join the fun!

08 September 2009

fathers day

Tamsyn and I made a special little goody bag for her Dad, in manly colours of course, and filled it up with his favourite chocolates. I tried out some printable fabric for the first time, which I had bought from this lovely lady a while ago. It seemed like the perfect excuse to use it and worked beautifully.
I also finished this little dress today, another pattern from Ottobre magazine. I found the print at Spotlight a few weeks ago and on Saturday bought the fine brown cord. It would've been nice to have it finished in time for Fathers Day but alas, I don't expect to work to a schedule these days! She wore the other little pinafore that I had made instead.

My little girl is growing and learning all the time, and yesterday she performed her very first rollover. I managed to catch it on video too so her Daddy didn't miss out.

04 September 2009

hello spring

And hello to a lounge suite makeover. This project has been sooooo satisfying, and even though I've been itching to keep going I find I need little breaks in between chairs to do some crafting for me. Also, it's Fathers Day this Sunday and I need time to help Tamsyn make her present for her Daddy, well, Tamsyn will be present at least for the making thereof.

Years ago I did an Adult Ed course on upholstery which has been one of the best things I've ever done. Fate (and possibly good Karma) led me to fall in love with a man who manages an upholstery business, yep I'm a lucky girl in more ways than one.

Ant chose the multicoloured fabric when the suite was made back in the 1990's - one of his clients was making a whole heap of these chairs and couches for an hotel in Sydney, so Ant asked him to make 3 more chairs and a three seater couch as well. They're very well made and sturdy, so it made sense to recover them instead of replacing.

Having The Thug for the sewing part has been invaluable, and using the overlocker for finishing all the raw edges has helped me master that machine too. I have to remember not to use it like a standard sewing machine and I seem to be fine, which is a real relief. Really really.

Just have to get rid of the apricot coloured walls now.....