04 September 2009

hello spring

And hello to a lounge suite makeover. This project has been sooooo satisfying, and even though I've been itching to keep going I find I need little breaks in between chairs to do some crafting for me. Also, it's Fathers Day this Sunday and I need time to help Tamsyn make her present for her Daddy, well, Tamsyn will be present at least for the making thereof.

Years ago I did an Adult Ed course on upholstery which has been one of the best things I've ever done. Fate (and possibly good Karma) led me to fall in love with a man who manages an upholstery business, yep I'm a lucky girl in more ways than one.

Ant chose the multicoloured fabric when the suite was made back in the 1990's - one of his clients was making a whole heap of these chairs and couches for an hotel in Sydney, so Ant asked him to make 3 more chairs and a three seater couch as well. They're very well made and sturdy, so it made sense to recover them instead of replacing.

Having The Thug for the sewing part has been invaluable, and using the overlocker for finishing all the raw edges has helped me master that machine too. I have to remember not to use it like a standard sewing machine and I seem to be fine, which is a real relief. Really really.

Just have to get rid of the apricot coloured walls now.....


  1. Great job with the upholstery.
    Have fun making Daddy's present Tamsyn :)

  2. Top marks for your upholstery job.... they look fantastic!!!

  3. Put a big bow on Tamsyns head ;) great present! Good job with the upholstery, I still have a chair that needs doing....wink wink

  4. What a great makeover!!! And we've just got rid of some apricot around here...can't believe the difference it has made...I hope Ant has a wonderful first Father's Day with your beautiful Tamsyn♥x

  5. That upholstery course has paid dividends. The new covers are a vast improvement. I made a set of curtains once out of very similar fabric. Thank goodness our tastes change. I wonder what Tamsyn is making for Father's Day.

  6. Upholstery is something I know nothing about, but I wish I did. How great to have been able to take a course in it, (and bravo for marrying someone in the business!) Good job!

  7. I am beside-myself impressed. Wow. If you find you're on a roll that you just don't want to stop and are interested in a commission...