25 September 2009

I heart socks

I've been knitting socks on and off for a few years now and never get tired of them, maybe because they're not that big and satisfies my love of knitting on four needles..... who knows. The wool is from Spotlight, Moda Vera - 75% wool super wash, 25% polyamide so they can be chucked in a normal wash. You could knit them on either 2.25mm or 2.75mm needles, I chose the former which gives a nice snug fit.

I finished this pair for Ant on Monday night and he loves them, wore them to work on Tuesday and Thursday, and have washed up fine.

The pattern has special significance as it's the one his Great Great Auntie Marj used -
The small print down the bottom says April 1941. Yep, this was the knitting pattern book for WWII soldiers (Tasmania Division). Auntie Marj knitted socks for most of the family for nearly all her adult life, giving up only after her eyes became too weak.

This copy now belongs to Ant's Mum and I took a photocopy of it. I feel very honoured to have it, and are reminded of all those women who did so much knitting for the men they sent off to war, not knowing if they would return and trying to 'do their bit' for the war effort.

Very humbling.


  1. Wow what a fab book to have, all that family history. The socks are great too :)

  2. This is a fabulous pattern to have...you'll treasure it always I reckon....and cool socks too!!!

  3. Wow! It's incredible that it's managed to survive for, what, nearly 70 years!

    I wonder what the "neck muff" would look like... it sounds kind of cute.

  4. Knitting for Victory! as they used to day. The socks look fantastic and will no doubt give years of good wear. I admire your talent as I'm a clumsy clot with four needles. How cool to have Aunt Marj's reliable pattern book. A special pair of socks indeed. Ann :)

  5. your socks are sooo beautiful and how lovely to have that pattern!!! I must say too your chairs look awesome and you are a legend being able to do that!!!

  6. What a beautiful story - and how special to have a copy ... your socks are fab ... fit for the trenches!

  7. What a treasure! Warms the heart and the tootsie toes!
    Beautiful job on the socks!

  8. Jen, I am just catching up and I loved the blog. What an heirloom.
    I love the story behind the book.
    And the socks are beautiful.