08 September 2009

fathers day

Tamsyn and I made a special little goody bag for her Dad, in manly colours of course, and filled it up with his favourite chocolates. I tried out some printable fabric for the first time, which I had bought from this lovely lady a while ago. It seemed like the perfect excuse to use it and worked beautifully.
I also finished this little dress today, another pattern from Ottobre magazine. I found the print at Spotlight a few weeks ago and on Saturday bought the fine brown cord. It would've been nice to have it finished in time for Fathers Day but alas, I don't expect to work to a schedule these days! She wore the other little pinafore that I had made instead.

My little girl is growing and learning all the time, and yesterday she performed her very first rollover. I managed to catch it on video too so her Daddy didn't miss out.


  1. Well done Tamsyn! Your first rollover! That is such a lovely dress you have made - I can't believe you found the print at Spotlight. It's way too nice. Fantastic goodies bag - I bet Daddy was super impressed! Thanks for the link to Nicole's site - wow! It's fabulous! Ann :)

  2. Happy Fathers Day :) Yay for rolling over, cute dress the fabric is lovely
    Karen xx

  3. Great bag...bet Tamsyn's Dad loved it...especially filled with chocolates...and a very cute dress too for your little Darling!!! Congratulations on the first roll over...a big day!!!

  4. Clever girl to roll over when the video camera is on hand.
    Great Father's Day idea AND a gorgeous dress.
    Hope you are enjoying today without rain, - well there isn't any here - lol.

  5. What wonderful items. I knew you would have some heirloom pieces for your little one.
    can't believe she is rolling over already. It seems so soon. She will be crawling befor you know it.

  6. You must have had your metal detector (ok, equivalent) out when you were unearthing that fabric at Spotlight. Gorgeous pinny...