21 September 2009

get out of town .....

The oyster farm is calling us, and there's a lot to do leading up to Christmas. We've had our winter break, which also enabled us to focus more on Tamsyn (naturally). So this weekend just gone the wee girl had her second trip to Bruny Island. She did very well except for last night after we returned home, I think it was all a bit much and was rather ratty. But she had a really good sleep (8.30pm till 6.30am) and is back to her usual spirits.
The view from my back door today, so nice to see the sun.

I find that living in Launceston you can easily fall into a rut. I suppose this happens in most towns and cities, and you really have to remind yourself to just go, and go somewhere different. Bruny seems to do the trick.
And to come home with rejuvenated spirits, with a little girl who's trying not to fall over after being placed in a sitting position. Wearing your jammies all day too doesn't seem to hurt either....

Oh and before I forget, Gemma is having a challenge/giveaway type thingie. Come on, it's not too late to join the fun!


  1. A change is as good as a holiday - so they say.I can't believe how much Tamsyn has grown! I'm guessing you both spent the day in your jammies - lucky you - I'd love a doona day. Thanks for the comment on my post. Can you believe it's possible to still buy a Pollywaffle?! Boost bars are rather scrummy and I like their crazy ad.

    Cheers...Ann :)

  2. wow look at how big she is, she'll be at school soon, leaving home, having grandbabies! *sob* *sob* !!!! One year Im going to bring the kids to Oz and have a hot Christmas....fab

  3. And Bruny Island...what a wonderful place to be able to get away too...And I agree you can get in a rut anywhere...Look at little Tamsyn sitting up...how cool is that!!! And spending all day in jammies...I love it♥x

  4. I can't believe your little one is sitting up. Wow where does the time go. Your gettaways are always fabulous. I can understand your rejuvenation there.
    Take care,