25 April 2009


The t-shirt originally said 'Spoon', probably to do with the band Spoon. Ant's brother-in-law does a lot of tour managing for bands and as such, receives oodles of t-shirts from concerts. Eventually they're handed down to Ant and me as they're handy to wear at the oyster lease - where nothing, least of all clothing is precious.

So, what's this got to do with me? You see, one of the items on the list of 'things to take' to the hospital is a nightie. Preferably one that buttons down the front and can even be thrown away once baby is born. I had tried the 'el cheapo' shops around town without success (either too ugly or too costly) and had even started op-shopping to the point where I was looking at large mens shirts, but no, 'twas not to be.

I've occasionally noticed on blogs here and there the re-fashioning of t-shirts into all sorts of things from kids clothes to underwear, and finally today I made the link between t-shirts and nightie. I rummaged through the big bag of them and found 2 that were similar in size. I then cut them up the middle, cut off the bottom section of the black one and attached it to the bottom of the blue. What was left over of the black t-shirt was rotary cut into 4.5" strips, joined together end to end and folded in half lengthwise to give me plackets down the centre.

To coin a real Australianism, it's 'as rough as guts'. Meaning that the sewing was very relaxed and as I didn't bother with interfacing on the plackets the button holes are less than ordinary. But what care I? So long as it doesn't fall apart when I'm wearing it I'll be happy.... or in pain.... depending on the circumstances.

Vegetarians may want to look away from the next photo -

Yep, they're cow hide baby booties!! I noticed them in Cocoon a couple of weeks ago and couldn't get them out of my head, so I went back the other day and bought them. The soles are sheep skin, with the fleece facing inwards. They've been sitting on the coffee table lately because I just want to show them off, they're so cool. They come from Nature Baby in New Zealand.

16 April 2009

4 weeks to go

... and no, I'm not 'over it'. Despite some peoples efforts (well meaning friends of course but still!!), I've enjoyed this pregnancy. I suppose it makes a difference if you're not very sick, and it's been interesting that since leaving work I've had lots more energy too. I haven't even had a Nanna Nap for about 3 weeks.

It's Tara's birthday today, Happy Birthday chook! Last night I finished knitting a night cap for her, I found the pattern on Knitty..... I love that site.
I had to do a bit of adjusting though, as I used a 4 ply yarn instead of the finer lace type stuff which also meant a different lace pattern around the brim. I think it will work and I do hope she likes it. I also bought her a softie from this cool seller on Etsy a while ago (when the exchange rate was more favourable), her stuff really cracks me up and I know Tara loves it too.
I've also jumped on the bandwagon and made the Buttercup Bag from this site. I think the pattern was first mentioned on the Sew Mama Sew site and a few other bloggers have made it too. It's a very easy pattern, and is a great way of using a fat quarter or two. I used some left over Kaffe Fassett Paperweight fabric for mine and lined it with decorating weight ticking to give it more structure, otherwise I suppose you could use a heavy weight interfacing on the lining. Cool.

14 April 2009

another Bruny Easter

We had some beautiful autumn weather, quite warm some days. Here's a view of the oyster lease, there's a permanent mooring on the far side there and we often see a yacht or cruiser moored for the weekend. It does add nicely to the scene.

I love how the water is always changing with each mood the day brings forth. I've enjoyed my break from oyster farming and to slowly take in the sights and sounds around me.

So we're home now and I've finally caught up on 4 days worth of blog reading, wasn't easy!! Especially when the internet is playing up on the home PC, Ant and I have to fight over the laptop - I'm glad I woke up early this morning....

The generosity of people really knows no bounds.

My dear dear friend B mentioned to one of her clients that an old girlfriend was expecting, and before she knew it said client had whipped up a boxful of knitted goods which arrived on my doorstep this morning.
I'm so overwhelmed and very very touched. To receive these items, made with such skill, from a woman I've never met is simply astonishing. I'm extremely thankful. There's boy and girl stuff in there, so we'll have to wait and see which gets used!

06 April 2009

first day

... of my new job, as it were. Ant has officially recognised it as "domestic engineer" which, from working in a bank, I have actually seen women put this down as their occupation. Each to their own I suppose.

So, after 3 loads of washing, doing the grocery shop and taking doggy for her walk, I felt it prudent of me to have a rest and enjoy some lunch. Homemade pumpkin soup and 2 new magazines picked up this morning. I've waffled on about Sew Hip before but never did anything about subscribing as, a) I couldn't afford to, and b) didn't know if it would be worth my while, being a new magazine and all. So it was lovely to see it at my local newsagent, who is pretty good at getting in 'different' magazines. The other one is Creative Knitting, more of an indulgence buy because it has a few baby knits.

Oh and did you notice? I have a new camera - yay!

I also had a look on Flickr today to see what the latest count was for the Bushfire Relief Project. Here's what Tia posted on the groups discussion board -

"1764 Donated Quilt Blocks = 70 quilt tops + 39 Donated quilt tops + 12 completely quilted and finished quilts = 121 quilts for the people of Victoria! How awesome is that? What a heck of a quilting bee! Thanks so much everyone...what a great lot you all are."