06 April 2009

first day

... of my new job, as it were. Ant has officially recognised it as "domestic engineer" which, from working in a bank, I have actually seen women put this down as their occupation. Each to their own I suppose.

So, after 3 loads of washing, doing the grocery shop and taking doggy for her walk, I felt it prudent of me to have a rest and enjoy some lunch. Homemade pumpkin soup and 2 new magazines picked up this morning. I've waffled on about Sew Hip before but never did anything about subscribing as, a) I couldn't afford to, and b) didn't know if it would be worth my while, being a new magazine and all. So it was lovely to see it at my local newsagent, who is pretty good at getting in 'different' magazines. The other one is Creative Knitting, more of an indulgence buy because it has a few baby knits.

Oh and did you notice? I have a new camera - yay!

I also had a look on Flickr today to see what the latest count was for the Bushfire Relief Project. Here's what Tia posted on the groups discussion board -

"1764 Donated Quilt Blocks = 70 quilt tops + 39 Donated quilt tops + 12 completely quilted and finished quilts = 121 quilts for the people of Victoria! How awesome is that? What a heck of a quilting bee! Thanks so much everyone...what a great lot you all are."


  1. Great lunch, great read.

  2. Now you can call yourself Domestic Goddess. How I long to be at home. I actually enjoyed it when I experienced some years ago but then, I'm a homebody. Your bowl of soup looks so yummy and comforting and that pastry thing too. Hope you enjoy the new magazines. I'm not supposed to be buying any (except APQ). Yeah right...

    Ann :)

  3. Thank you so much for your very kind words...much appreciated.
    Wow!!! You did heaps before lunch...lucky if I can move that quick some days LOL
    I reckon by the look of those mags you'll get lots of projects out of them!!!
    AND Well done for the Bushfire Relief Project!!!Have a lovely Easter ♥x

  4. Oh YAY!!!! Enjoy your new career!!!! What a fabulous and exciting time! Enjoy every second and experience that is to come. And have an amazing Easter weekend =]

  5. Enjoy your new career! Having been there myself I imagine you will find it at various times incredibly rewarding, sometimes boring and head-banging challenging... it's a ride and a half and worth the ticket price.

    Fabulous to hear how the Bushfire quilt project is coming. Wow!