16 April 2009

4 weeks to go

... and no, I'm not 'over it'. Despite some peoples efforts (well meaning friends of course but still!!), I've enjoyed this pregnancy. I suppose it makes a difference if you're not very sick, and it's been interesting that since leaving work I've had lots more energy too. I haven't even had a Nanna Nap for about 3 weeks.

It's Tara's birthday today, Happy Birthday chook! Last night I finished knitting a night cap for her, I found the pattern on Knitty..... I love that site.
I had to do a bit of adjusting though, as I used a 4 ply yarn instead of the finer lace type stuff which also meant a different lace pattern around the brim. I think it will work and I do hope she likes it. I also bought her a softie from this cool seller on Etsy a while ago (when the exchange rate was more favourable), her stuff really cracks me up and I know Tara loves it too.
I've also jumped on the bandwagon and made the Buttercup Bag from this site. I think the pattern was first mentioned on the Sew Mama Sew site and a few other bloggers have made it too. It's a very easy pattern, and is a great way of using a fat quarter or two. I used some left over Kaffe Fassett Paperweight fabric for mine and lined it with decorating weight ticking to give it more structure, otherwise I suppose you could use a heavy weight interfacing on the lining. Cool.


  1. How beautiful you look! I'm so pleased that you are enjoying your pregnancy. I think it's a wonderful experience. Gee, I'm not pregnant and I need Nanna naps. Glad you are feeling energised. Love the nightcap - I simply can not knit fancy things - and I adore that Kaffe Fassett fabric (but then I like millefiore and paperweights).

    Ann :)

  2. And here I was thinking you musn't have long to go...Such a lovely photo too, just waiting and looking, now I'm getting all emotional. Absolutely gorgeous cap for Tara and a cool bag, us girls can never have too many bags...enjoy it all♥

  3. Contemplative Fer.
    Great cap, and I love "Knitty" as well.

  4. How exciting...not long to go <3

  5. Oh Jen it was so good to see you. You look beautiful!!! It is so exciting.
    Glad you have energy and things are going well.
    Enjoy this time.
    Happy birthday to Tara too. Love the things you have made. You are a very talented lady. She will love them all.

  6. PS...Yep I certainly cleaned up (all that soap) but they truly are beautiful. Have a great weekend ♥

  7. Lucky Tara! And, wow, I didn't realise how close you were - I think I'm in slight denial about the passage of time just now! Hope you do make it to Niche, I'd love to catch up.

  8. Oh Jen, you are radiant. It's a lovely photo!

    The night cap is very sweet.

    Your bag is tremendous! I think your fabric choice really adds personality to it.

    Take care of you,


  9. Great photo! You are in the home stretch now, very exciting! Time to nest and all of that instinctual good stuff! Enjoy!

    Lovely items as well!

  10. Wow - only four weeks! How exciting!! So great that you still feel good and have energy.
    Stay well and take care!

  11. beautiful things you have been making!!! you are such a brilliant knitter that hat is gorgeous and looks so complicated to make!!!

  12. Thats a lovely photo of you Jen, not long now, are you getting excited?

    Love leanne