31 March 2009

on a roll

The backing fabric made me do it. I was in one of my locals a couple of weeks ago and came across this gorgeous flannel: Urban Flannel by Valori Wells for Free Spirit. This fabric reminded me that I had some Kaffe Fassett fabric that I could use for piecing with different coloured solids. I also had some raw linen, something that I'd been wanting to use in a quilt for a while but wasn't sure how, so this has become the alternating blocks. I found some variegated thread that matched for the machine quilting.

I'm quite pleased with how it turned out, and will be the type of quilt I can just chuck in the washing machine after baby has leaked on it in some way...

Some other little things to share. I found the hat pattern through Ravelry, very simple and quick to knit up. The darker colour is left over from the jumper I made for Ant, it's an undyed wool/alpaca blend and is lovely and soft. Sorry for the shabby photo quality, I'm still using the camera phone. Hopefully we'll have a new camera soon.
Yesterday I stopped at my local Windmill shop and picked up these wooden rattles. Apparently I'm quite weird for not wanting plastic toys. I know we'll probably be given plastic toys but hey, a girl can but try. When baby is older I really really want to get it a Wheely Bug, who wouldn't?
Note: I'm using a computer at the moment that doesn't have Firefox, and are finding it difficult only using Explorer - it won't do what I want it to do! So sorry if this post looks a bit odd.


  1. All gorgeous, and hey, this is your baby after all.

  2. I just adore your quilt and the fabric story behind it. The little hat is impossibly cute - I once saw some made up to look like pumpkins and strawberries. Good on you for buying wooden toys. My son received a terrific woooden toy from my sister. It rolled along and made a noise - it was a lawnmower, vacuum cleaner, steam roller and a dozen other things. It was the toy of choice for all the children who ever visited our home. A ladybug eh? I see.

    Hope you are still feeling well.

  3. Beautiful quilt! Your little one is going to be so cozy and comfy in all the quilts her loving Mama has made. As for the wooden toys, I was always on the lookout for wooden toys when my girls were little, I think they are super! (And they are the ones I saved... little works of art when you think about it.)

  4. Love the quilt and I know MANY mums going to wooden toys! Melissa & Doug collection is great too!!! You're going to be one cool momma for sure!!!!

    Jackie, one of your fans! heehee ;)

  5. Lovely quilt and hat. I may have to steal the hat idea from you. My poor babe hasn't had anything made for him/her yet! Still making things for Chloe!

    From my experience, expect a lot of leakage!

  6. Great quilt...and good idea to have one you can wash when need to. Wooden toys are great...and they last for years!!! Bruny Island oyster...mmm very tempting!!! Thank you for Ryan's birthday wishes ♥♥♥

  7. Jen what a wonderful Quilt. Very smart to be able to just throw it in the laundry. Your little hat is also adorable. What a lucky little baby. The toys are great. I made handmade fabric dolls that looked like each of our children. They also have great wooden toys. The name was "Magic Cabin Dolls". You are the Mom and you get to choose, so don't worry.

  8. The quilt looks great. I love the way the shadows play on it, to me it helps define the colour... even the silhouette. *grin*

    Your photos are fine, I wouldn't have known they were from your camera. The computer/internet only displays them at 72 dpi, so even if you have it at the highest (best) resolution, it will still display at a lower one.


  9. The hat is adorable! What devine yarn you used. The quilts look great too. I totally agree about the wooden rattles - there's nothing like natural products compared with synthetics.