16 March 2009

when one is camera-less...

.... and doesn't know if it will ever resurface. In the meantime I have no way of showing off what I've been doing of late, unless I use the camera on my mobile phone - the picture quality isn't overly fantastic but it's better than nothing.

Something I would love to share is my meeting with the new Bernina 830 on Thursday at my local dealer -

This is an amazing machine, choc-a-block full of features and big too. I also love how the Bernina's are still mostly metal, hardly any plastic parts at all. Robyn at the shop was telling me how there's a huge backlog of orders for these machines in America - like 20,000. What's more amazing is that people are prepared to pay for them too, like $12,000. Thankfully they only cost another $1,000 here (=$13,000) but still, that's a truck load of moolah just for a sewing machine!

I'll just go back to my humble 1230 and hopefully I'll be able to show you the fruits of my labour soon....


  1. $13000 for a sewing machine! Whoaaaa!!! I can buy a good second hand car for that. Yikes! I thought $800 for my old Janome was lots. For that price I'd want it to sew the whole project for me! *ha*

    I hope you get your camera back. How are those nappies coming along?

    Cheers...Ann :)

  2. Amazing. I will stick to my 1630.I was told not to trade it in anyway, when I thought about it. I guess with that cost I won't have to worry, since it won't be on my spending list.
    Hope you find your camera soon. Especially with the wee little one coming. I am looking forward to meeting this tiny person. So very exciting! Take care

  3. $13,000!!!
    I may faint!

    I love my 1630 with a passion, and have a little 210 for back up. I think I'm good for now... (but it's still fun to dream of adding a new Bernie to the family!)

    ( Again, $13,000???!!! For that price it should not only sew but clean my house, cook my meals, and tell me I'm beautiful each and everyday!)

  4. Bermagui is not too far away from us...hope they all had a great time. That's a lot of moolah for a machine!!! Melbourne tea is fantastic...very smoky, love the vanilla flavour...Have you tried their Peppermint Tea...it is out of this world...especially the smell of it.

  5. The 830 is a beautiful machine... does amazing embroidery, has a longer throat for quilting, and sew many more features.

    But alas, it is out of my price range too.

    But I am not to disappointed, I am being given a Husqvarna Designer I machine.

    Hope you get the camera issue sorted out soon!


  6. I like the picture on the heading of your blog.