09 October 2007

skirt #1

The reason why I've set up an ABN is so I can sew for Tara. Last week she delivered 4 skirts for me to sew, this gives her the ability to concentrate on the creative side of things - that is embroidering by hand some beautiful embelishments. She usually inserts the zip but as I've never done this before the thought of it scared me to death. So after a quick phone call on Friday, which included lots of "I'm sorries" from both, she's happy for me to insert it as part of the side seam. As a result though, I was so concerned about doing a good job that I think I've overworked it - yes I'm paranoid!


  1. I love the name of your blog! Knew you must love cats and then I checked out your kitty pictures - very cute. Welcome to blogland - it is great fun to see everything and be inspired. I haven't made a skirt in years - don't think I'd look real good in one either. I love my quilts and it doesn't matter what I look like when I'm cozied up in a quilt! Welcome again . . . Marlene

  2. I think it's great that you've got an ABN - maybe you don't want to but you have no idea how popular your bags would be if you sold them commercially. Everyone who sees my two absolutely love them and want to know where I got them. I even had one woman approach me in the subway to ask!

    Honest, you'd make a killing (though I admit I do love having original, unique bags all to myself!)