22 October 2007

on the home front ..... & back

The other night Ant got out his air chisel (it's attached to an air compressor) and decided to attack the fire place in the dining room. It originally had a combustion stove however 20 years ago it was going to be turned into a Victorian cast iron grate the same as the other rooms. We agreed that we'd rather have a combustion stove in there again as the thought of cooking meals on/in it was just too damn tempting. He finished stage one on Saturday -
Not long ago we found a second-hand mantel which once stripped of it's lovely shades of brown will fit perfectly. This will also be stained the same colour as the beautiful dado surrounding the room. I'm going to treat myself to a Porters Paint shade on the chimney, colour to be confirmed. The rest of the walls will be the same Antique White USA as the other rooms.
I love this stove, made at the IXL factory in Geelong. I figure that once there's a snug kitty basket underneath we'll never see Gracie in winter again.
My Saturday was spent once again on the roof, scrubbing and converting a large section of rust at the front of the house. I woke up the next morning with a lovely crick in my neck - I'm soooo glad I'm going to the chiropractor on Wednesday. Especially too as Sunday was spent in the back yard, weeding madly in preparation for planting of the pumpkins and zucchinis. The shipping container arrived today, here's yay to extra storage! It's mostly for Ant's parents' but we're allowed a small portion too, this means I can chuck most of the lounge room in there whilst I paint it - only 2 rooms to go!


  1. Oh it's gorgeous (the combustion stove)! Do you think it would cook things well?

    I'm just trying to picture a humungous shipping container in your back yard... Nup, can't quite do it!

  2. Ohhhhh I could do with a shipping container in my back yard also... for the kids to move into..hahaha
    Dining room looks gr8... I used to love it when my mum cooked like that at the shack...

  3. Hey Shan, I haven't had that much experience with combustion stoves but the meals I have had were just devine (the food seems to really hold the heat). So here's hoping ours will be this good! As for the container, it's only a small one - about half the length of the humungous ones and therefore doesn't stick out like a sore thumb!! I'll have to email you a photo. Fer

  4. good luck with the project looks like a big one.
    take care