15 October 2007

skirt #1 finished & skirts 2 & 3 onway

Once the zip was sorted out the rest came along very nicely, and I really like the hem and waistband done in the navy raw silk. The lining is pretty special too, with I suppose you'd call it a yoke of calico and the rest is a green toile -
Toile always makes me go gooey......

Skirt #2 is a wrap-around jobby and only after I started I discovered that the navy raw silk was also needed for this. Oh dear, there was nowhere near enough left and even if I did know I don't think I'd be able to stretch the fabric that far (so to speak!). Another phone call to Tara, only to be reassured, she has plenty more and will be dropping it off in the next few days - cool.

Therefore skirt #3 has begun. It's a beautiful creamy/biscuity raw silk and this time Tara wanted a button insertion in the back. As she had already cut the slit for it there was no going back, I had to give it a try. It was alot easier than I expected, mainly because there was no zip to fiddle with and I'm quite pleased with the result -
Tara's going to do the button holes by hand and will also hand embroider a bird with foliage.

I feel a lot more confident now, and not so daunted by the knowledge that they have to be ready by this Friday. Another four skirts are cut and ready to be sewn so I suppose there's no backing out now - but as I've said, I needed the challenge and it's all a good learning experience.

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