18 December 2007

about being 'wrapped up'

I know I'm repeating myself and maybe I shouldn't have 2 blogs but in some ways I seem to need them. I have made some really nice friends on the APQ site and I want to keep those relationships going, however this blog lets me delve into other things/issues/experiences which I like to think is helping to shape my own business.

The whole time I've been making these bags I'm thinking "these look good, these fabrics work, I could make these to sell and feel good about that ......", and the interesting thing is that I've only used a discontinued upholstery sample on one of them (not including the first one I made entirely out of samples which isn't pictured anyway - that was the trial run!). (Shannon - what do you think of this style of fabric print for your work-mate's bag?)

So a lesson is being learned I believe. I think I'm going to achieve a lot more by using the fabrics that make me happy, instead of trying to soldier on with samples that are nice but not always me. I do feel that one day I'll be able to use them in a way that will look creative and attractive but I think that may involve a type of machine embroidery that I hope The Thug (industrial machine) will teach me. In the meantime I'll continue to let little embryos of ideas form in the back of my mind. This is good too - I need that sort of thing. We all need something to strive for.

Speaking of The Thug, Ant had a play with it last night. It's the only type of sewing machine he's used so it's not daunting for him at all. He made a cushion cover but sewed the seams envelope style, I suppose you'd call it - you know, picture a square with diagonal lines from point to point to make a X. Probably best to take a photo but I had an idea of how to fasten it as he forgot to put a zip in so I'd like to take a photo once it's done.
So here's Shannon's Christmas wrapping before I popped it in the mail last week. I thought it would be safe to show this, especially if it doesn't get to her before Christmas Day. She can have a mental image to place under the tree until it arrives. I placed the Bend the Rules Sewing book in the photo as that is the pattern I adapted to make the bag so I should credit it where it's due. I do hope the present is the one she wanted, I liked the look of it (hopefully that doesn't give too much away!!).

By the bye, I'm trying to figure out why a lot of my photos come out a bit wishy-washy. Maybe I need a tripod. The sewing room has lots of natural light but almost all the photos I take with the sewing table just don't look as good as I'd like. The top photo was taken using The Thug's bench and seems to look better, perhaps I'll just go with that in future.....

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  1. She loves the third one, the one on the right. They're all gorgeous, slightly Asian in style?

    I shall put the photo under my mental Christmas tree, since we don't actually have one this year. Big surprise.

    I'm signing in a different way - Blogger has changed the way it lets you do this - so hopefully it works.

    xx Shannon